Gem of The Box Challenge: we put ourselves in the shoes of the former participant

the step of Gem for him The Box Challenge left a big markboth for the participants and for the Colombians, in whom it generated love and hatred, but which taught them a lesson and a way of seeing life from gratitude and love, without ceasing to be human full of emotions that are necessary to express.

This takes us to Moniquirá, Boyacá, with the intention of learning more about this woman, who has a great story behind, which is why we put ourselves in the shoes of this former challenger, whom we accompanied for a day of her daily life after having been in the City of Boxes.
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Between 4:00 am and 4:30 am, Gema start your day by recognizing and activating your body, giving thanks to God and the universe for life and for everything that surrounds it, to then begin to meditate and do yoga, this being something fundamental in their routine, since it is the way to focus and have clarity when making decisions . Very faithful to her spirituality and to continue growing as a person, this woman knows that this is a constant exploration and that it is something that she will not stop doing, because her peace is her priority.

After this, he feels the need to fill himself with love, for which he meets his two dogs and she takes a walk with them around her house, because just a few meters away she has a large pasture where a ray of sunlight hits her, helping her to recharge. The podcasts, the water exposed to ‘Mr. sun’ and a brief reading are part of the rest of the activities before training.

As part of that reconnection that you want to have with your being, Gema is fulfilling a fastBecause with this, she ensures that she has a greater perception of her body and her soul, which makes her focus on seeking a change from within. Before leaving, the ex-participant meets her mother on the first floor of her house (which has three), but not only greets her, but also the children under her care, who also care for her. great affection.
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Although It has not been easy to resume the exercisethe former member of Gamma knows that giving up is not an option, so she arrives at the gym to meet her cousin, who is also her trainer, and regain that figure and strength that she had before spending harsh conditions in the City of Boxes , because the lack of sleep, hunger, tiredness and blows had their effects.

It should be noted that he is still in the process of healing, both his emotions and the pain caused by have cut their hairsomething to which little by little she has been adapting and to which she has found certain advantages, such as expressing her sensuality or being more comfortable after her routines.

Wanting to show us even more about her, Gema takes us to a very special place for her and from which she does not want to reveal its location, where becomes one with the water with the aim of thanking nature and releasing those burdens that disturb her, giving herself almost naked to life and letting everything flow.

Upon returning home and after trying that long-awaited dish of her mother’s food, which she missed for so many days, the former defiant he is dedicated to making some of his candleswhich beyond being an object are like a kind of astral journey, which beyond calming and helping in meditation, are also a way of carrying out each of the intentions that one has, for which he dedicates himself for these to become a way for others to connect with their spirituality.
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In the middle of a quiet reading, which she usually does in the afternoon with the intention of finding answers, she comments that her time on the program was something that transformed her.: “I am very grateful for having attended The Box 2023 Challenge because I definitely He left me many lessons. It created in me a very wonderful wisdom, it allowed me to realize that one definitely has to be at all times, allow oneself to be with its lights and its shadows”.

In turn, after reading a fragment that identifies her at this point in her life, the former participant states that: “The Box Challenge changed my life in every way, it made me a woman who learned to value food, bed, roof, people, among others. She strengthened my self-esteem, allowed me to be a more empowered and risky woman, to live everything I love so much on this earthly plane ”.

After this other form of meditation and having shared with her mother, who cannot hide the pride that her daughter’s physical and mental strength gives her, Gema ends her day at 9:00 pm, but not before thanking that superior force that governs your life, welcoming that ‘Lady Moon’ who accompanied her so much during the program and to whom she asks her to have a good night, since she considers rest something essential to start a new day.

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Gem of The Box Challenge: we put ourselves in the shoes of the former participant