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Christmas afternoon is all his. Francesca Fialdini (43 years old) is back with a Christmas-themed episode of Da noi… freewheeling. Appointment at 5.20 pm on Rai 1. Here are all the previews, revealed to us by the journalist herself. AGI photo

It will be a Christmas afternoon between lightness and depth that of Francesca Fialdini who today hosts a special episode of With us… freewheeling.

With us… freewheeling: when the Christmas special of Francesca Fialdini’s talk show is on air

After the break imposed by the broadcasting of the World Cup matches, the Tuscan presenter returns to her television home today, December 25th. With us… freewheeling airs at 5.20 pm on Rai 1.

Francesca Fialdini

Among the latest engagements of the journalist and television and radio presenter, Junior Eurovision Song Contest and the Zecchino d’Oro. AGI photo

Francesca Fialdini: today’s guests of Da noi… freewheeling

And, like every Sunday, even today the stories of the guests will be at the center of the narrative. “There will be Enrico Brignano, Amii Stewart and Don Marco Pozza» anticipates the landlady. An afternoon of smiles, reflections and excellent music. «Alexiawho recently released the album My Xmas which is a collection of Christmas songs, will sing the opening and closing theme songs of the program».

With us… freewheeling: previews of the Christmas episode

Today With us… freewheeling it will be a decidedly themed episode. Which embodies it Christmas spirit and at the same time remains faithful to the “format” where we try to dismantle all preconceptions.

Enrico Brignano’s mission

Enrico Brignano will take care of making the audience smile, who in this period is busy at the theater with the show But… let’s be on your terms.

“It will make Christmas pleasant even for those who fear it. Enrico will debunk the clichés that have always accompanied this holiday. Pleasant for some, magical for others and unbearable for still others. He has a great ability: he talks about himself but manages to make each of us identify in his story about him ».

Enrico Brignano

Enrico Brignano (56 years old), among the guests of the Rai 1 program. Photo ANSA

Amii Stewart, super host: a kind of Christmas present

“I’ve been courting her for a long time. I’m glad it’s here today, on Christmas Day. There will be many topics that we will discuss with her. From racism, who lived on her skin, to the fact that she is an American who has been living in our country for years now. I won’t do a personal interview, but we’ll talk about broader issues. Amii lives one femininity all upa which is independent of the character and carries a message to women, of emancipation and independence. She has worked on herself for a long time and today she sports an incredible, crazy look: it is all bald and has tattoos on her head. She chose to get a tattoo of flowers, synonymous with positive thoughts. It’s an interview that I care about because it goes beyond the confines of the private and expands to important issues that need to be talked about. Especially during the holidays.”

The lineup of today’s episode: interviews and moments of reflection

«On Christmas afternoon many keep the TV on in the background. But I wanted to involve guests who could catalyze the attention, including Don Marco Pozza. He is mine dearest friendWe’ve known each other since we were kids. I like to take stock every now and then with figures like his. He is a close friend of Pope Francis and with him we will talk about forgiveness and reconciliation. Christmas is the perfect time to get to grips with this aspect of our lives. I call it spirituality, someone else calls it differently. But net of definitions I think it’s important to do i count with yourselfat least once a year. But Don Marco will also tell us about a particular moment in his life, why With us… freewheeling is a program of stories. And in that moment the wheel has turned for him. Full of prejudices towards prisoners, he wanted to overcome his convictions and chose to become the parish priest, and therefore the spiritual guide, of the Due Palazzi prison in Padua. This too is a story that does not speak only of an individual experience. Speaking of forgiveness, it reaches everyone.”

pope francis don marco pozza

Don Marco Pozza in audience with Pope Francis in the Vatican. ANSA photo

No vacation, but many commitments: what about private life?

«I have always lived my work with the spirit ofI commitbut also with that of the fun. I am aware of doing a special, beautiful job where nothing should weigh. Plus, I work with people I like. It’s true that I’ve been very busy lately and this takes time away from my private life. But only partially. When I get home, I’m one happy womanrealized and this benefits all the people around me».

francesca fialdini gold zecchino 2022

Francesca Fialdini, Paolo Conticini and Cristina D’Avena at the Zecchino d’Oro 2022 press conference. Fialdini and Conticini hosted the first two appointments, while Carlo Conti arrived at the Antoniano in Bologna for the final on 24 December. Fialdini also recently hosted the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. ANSA photo

The memory of a special Christmas

«Four or five years ago, I don’t remember the exact date. For the first time in my life I spent Christmas day with my whole family. My father was there too and we all gathered. It hasn’t happened since I was three. My parents are separated and in that moment I experienced the true magic of Christmas. For many years we celebrated it separately. We have never been apart, because there has always been friendship between my parents, but celebrating such an important occasion together, as a family, was, for me, thestart of something new. Not “just“ a return to childhood».

Christmas with yours. And all the holidays too

«Apart from work, the holiday season for me means gaining ground compared to the time that passes to be together with my loved ones. So my parents, my brother and my grandmother Gianna, who is 95 years old. Time with them is really precious.

Freewheeling from us Francesca Fialdini: guests Christmas episode previews | style