Franco Battiato anniversary with documentary film out

On the occasion ofanniversary of the death of Franco Battiato good news arrives: Rai Documentaries will dedicate an early evening to him entitled “The courage to be Franco” with the pre-broadcast airing for Wednesday 18 May on Rai 1. Under the banner of one of the Sicilian singer’s most famous mottos “I don’t want to command and I don’t want to be commanded” will be a journey into the inner research and the desire to affirm his innovative concept of music in the name of contamination. Here’s what is known about this prime time.

The film on Franco Battiato’s anniversary

This docu-fiction was written and directed by Angelo Bozzolini and produced by Aut Aut Production in collaboration with Rai Documentari. The purpose is to:

“Retrace the life and career of Franco Battiato, one of the most revolutionary authors of Italian music. With the narrating voice of Alessandro Preziosi, the documentary also tries to return an intimate portrait of the artist, thanks to the story of his niece Cristina Battiato and the unpublished material from the photographic archives of the family, Rai, Cineteca di Bologna, Universal Music, as well as the exclusive shooting in the homes of Milan and Milo in Sicily, as well as in the places of the spirituality so deeply dear to Battiato. “

Among the unpublished documents, the autographed texts of 1966 and the exclusive photos of his first have been announced duo with Gregorio Alicatacalled “Gli ambulanti”, together with a song never heard before.

The genius of Battiato

L’anniversary of Franco Battiato it is an opportunity to sing the praises of those who have redefined the concept of pop in Italy. As music critics say:

Never before him had it been possible to climb the charts by telling stories according to a new grammar, inspired by content outside the mainstream and the continuous search for a sacred dimension of art. From the beginning of his career to the encounter with electronic music by Karlheinz Stockhausen, from the first album “Fetus” (1972), up to “La Voce del Padrone” (1981), the best-selling album in Italy, as well as timeless hits such as “The era of the white boar”, “La Cura”, “Permanent center of gravity”, “Cuccurucucù”. ​​”

A similar talent was able to travel around the peninsula and, as the documentary tells us well, there were incredible artistic encounters such as those (all filmed) with:

  • Alice
  • Luca Madonia
  • Sonia Bergamasco
  • Willem Dafoe
  • Antonio Scurati
  • Giovanni Caccamo
  • Vittorio Sgarbi
  • Marco Travaglio
  • Morgan

The statements

On this film on Franco Battiato’s anniversary this is how the Director of Rai Documentaries Fabrizio Zappi:

“We are happy to be able to take up the challenge of proposing a documentary for the first evening of Rai 1, thanks to this project so successful and so comprehensive and thorough in the outline of the human and artistic path of the late Franco Battiato.”

The first birthday without Battiato has passed, now also the anniversary of his disappearance. It remains his great music and a film that fans can’t wait to enjoy.

Franco Battiato anniversary with documentary film out