He reread more than a hundred posts from the blog ‘Un optio en Hispania’ and selected forty-one that were the ones that “removed” him the most / Carlos Díaz-Pinto

Antonio José Moreno López presents at the State Public Library the selection of reflections gathered in ‘Diario de un optio en Hispania’

The historian and communicator from Almagre Antonio José Moreno López presented this Thursday at the State Public Library ‘Diario de un optio en Hispania’, a “field notebook of an observer of life” that brings together forty-one posts or opinion articles on very diverse fields such as literature, cinema, music and environmentalism, as well as economics and politics, as well as reflections that can start from details about a person, an artistic work or a social issue from a walk through the countryside or the city.

“It is a miscellany, a diary” that seeks not to focus on the obvious, but on another level of reality, so that when someone reads it and goes out into the street, they open the zoom “of their mind and pay attention to those little details that later are the great things of a life that goes by very quickly” and in which, as happens with great perfumes, what is important comes in very small bottles.

The book includes QR codes that lead to photo windows open to the incorporation of new images / Carlos Díaz-Pinto

For this creative facet, he uses the figure of the optio, lieutenant of the Roman troops who was one of the main referents of the legionnaires, his mirror, being one of the first to attack and the last to retreat.

“This book is that a bit too.” It brings together “what one has written in the avant-garde” and about what “I don’t go back” and what “I want to continue paying attention to and reflecting on”, highlights the author of a work that he defines as a whole as “a reflection on paper that wants to fly ”.

The assembly hall of the State Public Library hosted the launch of the publication / Carlos Díaz-Pinto

Self-published, the book integrates a selection of posts from the blog ‘Un optio en Hispania’ and includes QR codes that lead to open photo windows to be expanded with new visual documents and a sample of images in the metaverse.

The importance of cultural background, music, cinema and history, among other areas, to have a critical judgment that improves society and the enhancement of small things, moments that may be brief but unrepeatable, are two of the essential aspects of this work highlighted in its coming-out, in which the author advocated a critical and conscious reflection of what surrounds us and an intellectual position in the face of polyhedral reality.

Includes articles on social issues and the defense of animal rights / Carlos Díaz-Pinto

Of spirituality and transcendence, that life is a path in such a way that the end is not the goal, a book also speaks in which social issues emerge such as the situation of “social groups and people who have been stranded by injustice of life”, in addition to the rights of animals, with whom he lives, “they contribute a lot” and of which he is a great defender, emphasizing that, as Gandhi said, the cultural level and moral progress of a society is reflected in the treatment they receive.

Following the list of the index or randomly, you can read the articles of the book, whose presentation was attended by fellow teachers and young students and former students of the Humanities professor and journalist, who announced that he is immersed, on the other hand, in the elaboration of a historical novel.

Forty-one articles from one of the first to be on the front line and the last to go back – Lanza Digital