Foliage: the locations to admire it in Italy and the world

Foliage: the locations to admire it in Italy and around the world

The autumn season has practically arrived, with a hint of nostalgia and bad mood for the shorter days and the unstable climate, but also with a colorful friend ready to make us smile again. The foliage, an English word whose translation is “foliage”, is a colorful indicator of autumn. The leaves change color and fall, filling the streets with yellow, red and orange hues.

The period of foliage, which runs from the end of September to about mid-November, must not, however, shut us up at home in a sort of lethargy, waiting for the warm season to return. On the contrary, this is a valid opportunity to go out and walk in the reddish nature, a way to make short or longer term trips in Italy and in the world.

The autumn holidays they have nothing to envy to the summer ones, if we know how to make the most of them. A ride through the tree-lined avenues of large cities, or a picnic in the green areas outside the urban chaos can recharge our batteries and relax mind and body. Don’t believe it?

Below is a rundown of picturesque locations and instagrammable to immortalize the foliage around Italy and the globe.

Foliage: what it is

But before going into the world of foliage, let’s give a quick definition of this term, whose translation, as mentioned, is foliage. The word comes from English and has more than one meaning. In general, in Italy this word is used to define the “fall foliage”, precisely the autumn foliage.

In this case we refer to the piles of leaves that stand on the trees and change their color before falling. The fall foliage which is often abbreviated to foliage, therefore represents the phase preceding the vegetative rest of many shrubs, which are tinged with red and orange in their fronds and welcome the arrival of the cold season.

To be picky, foliage can also indicate green foliage and not just autumn foliage, as the English-language dictionaries demonstrate. In addition, foliage can also refer to architecture to ornamental representations with tree details, such as leaves, branches and inflorescences.

The foliage to which we will refer in this article is that of autumn, colorful and often theatrical in its naturalistic performances.

Where to go for the foliage

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Around the continents, hunting for autumn leaves, we can take the most beautiful photographs ever and be immersed in a colorful nature. Large metropolises offer both picturesque boulevards and parks to pass the time. On GreenStyle we have selected the most fascinating destinations.

Foliage in America

Self Autumn in New York is one of the most successful films of recent years, not only for the moving love story, but also for the panorama. Certainly the tree-lined avenues dyed red, as well Central Park in the middle of autumn, they are theater settings. But also as a postcard.

In Vermont, to continue to mention the best autumn stops in the USA to visit, there is a panorama that leaves the city spirit aside to make way for the countryside. The landscape is wooded, which means that the right time to visit this state of New England is when the colors of the trees turn from green to reddish.

But let’s not forget to mention the North Carolina, with its delightful scenic drive towards Virginia, the Blue Ridge Parkway. The Blue Ridge Mountains, already mentioned by John Denver in Take Me Home Country Roadsare the essential destination for a foliage that also kidnaps in the car.

Foliage in Canada

The city of Banff, in the province of Alberta, is one of the places in Canada stormed in the fall to see the weather and the leaves change. The larches are the real protagonists of the period. In October, mountain hikes are popular to see these trees in all their autumnal beauty.

But the Killarney park, in Ontario, where it is the maples that make the landscape captivating. If we have a bit of luck we can also have exceptional companions on our outings. These are the moose, which can sometimes be glimpsed in the distance.

Canada’s chicest island in the fall is Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, where the reddish shades of the trees contrast with the deep blue of the Atlantic Ocean. In addition, the Celtic Color International Festival is celebrated in October, for all lovers of Celtic culture.

Foliage in Japan

If the Japan it is famous in spring for the cherry blossoms, or sakura, in autumn it is a destination to be considered also for the flamboyant panorama of its parks. If we are in Tokyo, Mount Takao is one of the locations to reach, through its paths, to admire the autumn landscape and take a breath of clean air.

But if you don’t want to move from the center, the Rikugien Park is the place to visit to take lots of photos to post on social media and to send to friends. This green area is considered the most beautiful Japanese garden in Tokyo and is located in the special district of Bunkyo.

In the periods in which the observation of cherry blossoms, hanami, but also that of autumn leaves, momijigari, takes place, the opening hours of the park are extended. The very suggestive night visitswhich also include lighting shows.

A jump to Kyoto also it is suggested in the autumn period, where the Daigo-Ji temple is often visited by tourists and locals for those in search of spirituality, but also of a picturesque nature.

Autumn in Europe

Foliage Italy world
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Long-haul intercontinental trips are nice, but not everyone can afford to be away for too many days in a working period. On the contrary, a long weekend in Europe is within everyone’s reach. The tree-lined avenues of Londonsuch as those in the Chelsea neighborhood, or its parks, such as Regent’s Park and Hyde Park, invite you to stroll.

The same goes for the parks of Paris, such as Parc Monceau or the Tuileries Palace with an adjoining French garden, where you can take a panoramic stop. Also not to be underestimated are Bruges in Belgium or Amsterdam, in the Netherlands, where the picturesque bridges and waterways that flow in the two cities reflect the autumn leaves.

There Scotland it is also the flagship of our autumn travels in search of foliage immersed in a nature that seems suspended in time. The Scottish Highlands, as well as the capital Edinburgh, are ready to welcome lovers of flamboyant views.

Foliage in Italy

For the foliage in our beautiful Italy, we could not not dedicate a separate paragraph, given that our territory deserves. There are two of the most popular regions in this period. And we are certainly talking about Piedmont and Trentino.

Where to admire the foliage in Piedmont

The first has a tradition with the so-called foliage train, which starts from Domodossola to arrive in Switzerland, precisely Locarno, which overlooks Lake Maggiore. But one cannot fail to mention also Oasi Zegna, in the Biellesi Alps area, where every year in autumn tourist routes are organized to admire the redness of the leaves.

Foliage in Trentino

In Trentino you are spoiled for choice on where to go to feel part of nature that changes with the season. Lake Tovel is quite popular for excursions or peaceful moments of relaxation. But also the Val Canali and Brentonico, where the chestnut festival comes to life, are destinations not to be missed.

The Trentino foliage starts in September, leaving us room to choose when to leave.

Autumn in the other Italian regions

But let’s not forget the too Tuscany, which is famous for its golden vineyards in autumn, as well as for its woods, which are tinged with orange. The Chianti hills are the ideal destination for those wishing to have a panoramic and tasting experience with the famous local wine, while the Casentinesi Forests, where to go between late October and early November, is the place for postcard shots.

Do not forget also the Sardinia, where in Gallura every year autumn gives its autumnal colors to plants and trees. A trip to the island is recommended until mid-November.

The Marche, where spring trekking is increasingly capturing hearts, are another region where to admire the foliage. The Gran Sasso Park, but also that of the Sibillini Mountains enchant us. And they remind us of how beautiful Italy can be at any time of the year, even in autumn.

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