Five tips to be happy

God calls us to experience happiness in our daily lives. But how to respond to Him?

When we realize that God invites each person to experience true happiness, life is transformed. Although it does not change outwardly, it takes on a different relief, because everything we do takes on a new meaning, with a view to eternity. In order to live a happy life, here are some small daily actions that can be carried out with ease:


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Realizing that human nature is made divine through baptism can encourage Christians to live as true children of God: good, trusting children, who know they are never alone, that they are eternally loved and that they are called to eternity… but above all, who allow themselves to be loved by their Father!

In addition to being a child of God, the Christian is also a child of the Virgin Mary. By her hand, the Virgin leads to Jesus every man who entrusts himself to her, and teaches him to follow the path to allow himself to be loved by the Lord and to respond to His Love.



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It is important to spend time with God, to cultivate a relationship with Him, to get to know Him and to love Him. It may be right to invoke it very briefly at certain quieter times in our day, such as short prayers of thanksgiving or asking for help. Moreover, since it is not possible to like what one does not know, it is important to devote time to formation. Having a daily time to read, for example, the Catechism or books of spirituality, nourishes faith and deepens the relationship with the Lord.




To pray means to talk to God. It is a dialogue, a conversation and an open time to listen. To live one’s life with God, it is important to know Him and to love Him, because this builds a closeness with Him. How do you know the will of the Holy Spirit when you don’t listen to it? How can we understand the will of the Father if we are not looking for it?


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It is possible to become discouraged, looking at one’s reality, one’s daily life and the repetitive and somewhat boring tasks to be accomplished, whereas God encourages us to see them as great opportunities for heroism and great occasions for showing our love to Him. God is present in the smallest things: in the kitchen, in the silences, in the people we meet on a daily basis. All actions make sense when they are done with love, and for the love of God, or at least with the intention of doing it out of love. It is possible to adopt habits in one’s daily life in order to direct one’s entire existence towards Him. Everything we do has meaning when it serves a greater purpose, which is to achieve the fullness of love. This implies having in your life more than beautiful feelings, by exercising real responsibilities, by fulfilling your duties, by respecting certain rules… but always with love.


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The personal relationship with God does not alienate others. On the contrary, it invites us to serve them. The Christian wishes for others the same good and the same happiness that he wishes for himself. To lead one’s neighbor to happiness, nothing better than to speak to him of the Lord, by word and example, but also to pray for him. The example of an authentic Christian life can mean a great deal to others. But above all, after integrating all these habits into your life, it is good to ask yourself every day: how can I love more today?

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Five tips to be happy