Experience a dazzling comeback!

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Written by Hamza Braiki | Saturday September 3, 2022 at 11:00 am

Experience a dazzling comeback!

After an appreciable vacation in a generous climate and embellished by the Eid al-Adha celebration, it is time to start a new year full of projects.

Of course, the start of the school year is in the foreground, whatever the level concerned. Perhaps the first return to school for little ones, the most awaited for primary school, the most stressful for teenagers or the most decisive for older children. The professional return, too, is significant. The opportunity to reorganize, to reconcile your private or professional spheres or to build a year conducive to a great career. After so much work, comfort becomes essential! Leisure will be in the spotlight this year. Sport, culture, outings, trips… it’s time to breathe in a balanced way. And why not start this new school year with a new breath of faith, a desire to be present to God, to rise and feel peace in the depths of oneself… And then perhaps (experiment) this faith , this desire by engaging in the multiple paths of charity. This return to the commitment also augurs an exceptional vintage!

Back to school: success at the end of the road

Ringtones, school bags, friends, filled notebooks… what memories come to us when it’s our children’s turn to join the ranks. We were carefree and far from imagining what would await us. May God allow our children to get ahead of us in all areas, to trace their destiny solidly and to remain in search of science.

Parents should be attentive to the schooling, attitude and progress of their children. Parents will also be able to examine the programs, complete them and sometimes correct them. And then, as the future belongs to the most far-sighted, take an interest in orientation courses, future opportunities, and plan useful visits for this year: museums, trade fairs, student fairs…

Finally, think of yourself! Science and culture are sought throughout life. Language learning, scientific fields to explore, new computer skills, the field of possibilities is wide, you just have to sow it.

Back to work: smash the glass ceiling!

It’s time to get back to your job after the holidays. But what attitude to adopt? The passive routine worker who is content to mark her presence and receive her monthly salary… or a conquering attitude, eager for a challenge and ready to prove at any time that her position is neither due to luck nor cronyism! Besides, maybe some started a new job on this occasion? So you will have to give your all to get your bearings quickly, and why not, become the strong link in your team…

Others have been actively looking for a job, sometimes for too long. Persevere, and invoke God abundantly! Take stock of your skills and explore the black market (spontaneous applications, profiles on job sites, etc.). Shine in your applications until the final interview.

The spiritual return: the blossoming of hearts

The effect of the blessed months of Dhul-Hijjah and Muharram may have led you to great resolutions to strengthen your relationship with God. Indeed, we are all aware of our weaknesses, of our difficulty in awakening, assiduity, sacrifice for God.

The moment of the inventory is behind us, it is time to seize the remedy, the treatment par excellence, the Koran. Reading it (therefore learning Arabic), memorizing it, reciting it in the middle of the night are sure ways to come into the company of God. Then, react to the temptations of everyday life, tame a rebellious and greedy ego, forge an excellent character… It is clear that spiritual success will embellish all aspects of your life.

The return to leisure: a moment to breathe

After the children’s registrations in their respective sports and activities, you are thinking about your hobbies but have not yet chosen. For football players, there are many leisure football clubs, lighter, less demanding. The same formula exists for hand, basketball… Otherwise, you can opt for complete martial arts such as jiu-jitsu, soft, such as tai-chi, or even adopt the bicycle. A healthy body should harbor a healthy mind. Sign up for libraries, media libraries and expand your culture. Take the opportunity to register your children.

The return of the commitment: the awakening of the lions

It was sometimes enough of a meeting, of an exchange to open the eyes on the fights to be carried out. Last year was particularly rich in commitments of all kinds. Many volunteers have joined the solid ranks of believers: humanitarian causes, education, citizenship or events, the battlefields are numerous. It’s up to everyone to choose the ecosystem that suits them.

Giving of oneself, of one’s time, promoting justice, comforting or sharing requires a strong emotional capacity, but also discipline. Indeed, it is also a question of living fraternity in intensity, tension and difficulty. It is a necessary passage to feel the love in God and to deserve the Love of God.

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Experience a dazzling comeback!