Eloquent truths | True Catholics vs Globalism V

The intelligence that directs the advances of globalism or the New World Order, is of a totally evil spirituality. The groups that direct it, take shelter under a modernist cloak, also known as illuminist. The ultimate goal of this ancient and advanced project of social alienation consists of integrating all nations into a global socio-communist super state, which does not admit any orthodoxy except socialist evolutionism. It is about integrating a world Government where nations and governments have no word to say, other than obedience, if they do not want to suffer coercion or destruction, NOT ONLY IN THEIR PERSONAL POSITIONS, BUT ALSO IN THEIR TERRITORIES.

In a spirit clearly oriented towards planetary domination, its performers advance step by step after their goal, openly announcing the reality of a tomorrow that they will impose; be it with the good spirit of the companies or by force. In 1950 the powerful German-American banker James Warburg announced before the American Senate that: “Whether we like it or not, we will have a World Government, the only question that arises is whether it will be by consent or by conquest.”

In recent times, the joint forces of Judaism and Freemasonry with all their acolytes have been working at full steam in the execution of this sinister plan, supported by organizations of all kinds, mainly economic, media, cinema, Armies, plus Governments; It would take a thick volume to describe the tentacles of the organization chart of this new imperialism; who with the 2030 Agenda have entered the chapter with the greatest impact and perversion, since they will create great financial and social chaos, both insecurity and loss of rights and values, causing famines, wars and diseases that will subject us to a great test to decide whether we fully agree with them or not.

At that final point, social anti-Christianity makes its way, they will force us to renounce our spiritual belief in exchange for subsistence privileges. Civil governments will have the same goal of abolishing and making disappear all religious principles to leave in their place materialism, atheism, spiritualism and all vices (La Salette). The common program of these groups that exercise their power from the shadows is nothing more than the construction of the theocracy of satan or lucifer.

Lately several dignitaries of the Catholic Church have denounced that the Illuminati society is infiltrating even within the Roman Curia, publicly recognized in Paul VI; who have patiently dismembered the true doctrine of Christ in both the doctrinal and magisterial and liturgical parts. Now with the so-called “Synod of synodalities” they prepare step by step the hidden final blow to this Religion with another new doctrine of false ecumenism or global unity, making room for the opinions of all social, ideological or doctrinal groups of humanity, such as lesbian-gay, Protestant, Judeo-Freemasons, Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim, Protestant or Evangelical communities, emphatically excluding traditionalist Catholics, arguing that these, although they have lasted almost 2 thousand years, are already out of date.

This difficult stage is clearly described in the Apocalypse; but the solution is easy, let us lose our fear and strengthen ourselves in our traditional-Catholic Faith, persevering for the Kingdom of the Triune God no matter how difficult the path may seem, since he will never abandon us and will arrive at the least expected moment, because he has a perfect plan for humanity.

Manuel Antonio Cano Villalobos | Zootechnicist engineer

Eloquent truths | True Catholics vs Globalism V