Do you know who is Simon & the Stars and who is Simone Morandi? The truth

Simone Morandi is recognized by all as Simon & the Stars, the best known and most loved astrologer on the Internet. On the other hand, not everyone knows about his double life. Some call him the Alberto Angela of Italian TV, even though he prefers to be known as an Astro-Blogger and has 36.1 thousand followers on Instagram. Morandi is back in the last episode of Come to me, the Rai 1 broadcast hosted by Caterina Balivo. The astrologer released a statement: “Since I communicate astrology for me is more essential than the horoscope and predictions.”

Simon & The Stars: “I make more money with…”

Simone Morandi, or Simon & The Star, is an Aquarius and is said to have been completely engrossed in the study of astrology as early as the young age of seven. His nose was always turned towards the sky, and this brought him to matter. In his life he would have done other things, until he met Luida De Giuli, an important astrologer, who noticed his aptitude for this field. Later, he bought his first book on the subject and devoted himself to this science.

Despite being an astro-blogger, not many people know that Simone is actually a lawyer and copyright specialist. These two fields seem to be poles apart, yet her clients are satisfied or satisfied by her services. During an interview with Corriere della Sera, you revealed that you don’t earn much with astrology, if compared to your activity as a lawyer.

Simon & The Stars is an independent astrologer with a solid reputation in the field of astrology. He holds a degree in astrology from the University of London and has over a decade of experience under his belt. He has also written several books on astrology and has been a guest on numerous radio and television programs.

Simon & The Stars offers a variety of astrological services, including personalized readings, consultations, seminars, courses and research projects. His approach to astrology is unique and combines astrological, spiritual and philosophical knowledge. Simon & The Stars believes astrology can be used as a tool for growth and self-awareness.

The astrological tools that Simon & The Stars uses include charts, transits, solar returns, astronomical charts, astronomical calculations, symbology, numerology and more. The astrologer says he uses these tools to create an overall picture that can provide accurate information about a person’s life.

Simon & The Stars also offers group astrology consultations, where different clients discuss their astrological charts and challenges. This is one way to help them make decisions based on astrological advice. Simon & The Stars is also available for events and conferences.

Simon & The Stars is committed to providing accurate and reliable astrological advice. The astrologer believes that astrology can be a useful tool to better understand yourself and your relationships. He also argues that astrology can provide a deeper understanding of the world we live in and the forces that influence us.

Simon & The Stars is a highly respected and experienced astrologer. His services are a wonderful way to connect with the stars and discover something new about yourself. If you are looking to connect with the stars, Simon & The Stars is the right place for you.

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