Design: Adobe’s creative predictions for 2023

Adobe Stock reveals its creative predictions for the coming year in its Creative Trends 2023 and shares with us four main trends that are doing well in terms of design, visuals and animations. Discover the creative styles that will accompany your projects and your communication in 2023.

1. Surrealism and the unreal

The global pandemic experienced in recent years has undoubtedly marked the spirits and the need to relax is felt in creation.

46% of Gen Zers say they feel stressed or anxious often or all the time.

The quest for well-being and the protection of mental health takes a prominent place in these creative trends. They give birth to psychedelic and experimental styles that will explore spirituality, astrology or even nature, far beyond reality. On the brand side, they show consumers through their messages and their products what well-being looks like when the report emphasizes that its quest is more about feeling.

Imaginary landscapes, degraded shapes, fine fonts and surreal illustrations will undoubtedly be part of the game in 2023.

Surrealism: a powerful style of storytelling.© Adobe Stock

2. The radical real and the authentic

Forget slick or overdone content, the return of authenticity is here. Images that reflect reality, the celebration of simple moments and unvarnished lived experiences are now acclaimed by users and come to life in all creative forms. These visuals, which illustrate emotion and reality, inspire a sense of community in individuals. They are happy to appear on social networks and certain platforms such as BeReal Where locketgrowing in popularity.

Conversely, messages of perfection and joie de vivre have a negative effect on users. Carl Cederström, an associate professor at Stockholm University calls this the “well-being syndrome”.

For the coming year, brands will further personalize their communication campaigns by highlighting the diversity of styles, genders and personalities of their consumers.

2023 promises sincere emotions and moments of life. © Adobe Stock

3. Animals and virtual influencers

Between reality and imagination, there is only one step. Animals and animated characters existing in real life for some and from the virtual world for others, continue to move users and provoke reactions. In fact, they have become more present on the Internet and widely used by brands in their communication.

In 2020, the purchase of small animals, fish and reptiles increased by 30% in the United States.

As for animated influencers inspired by Japanese culture and virtual influencers, the report tells us that the virtual considered more reliable, generates three times more commitments than the human being. No wonder, then, that global demand for animation has grown 118% in the past two years.

In PNG formats or not, expect to see more and more animals in the coming months. © Adobe Stock

4. Retro and vintage

With colorful clothes, videos of rollerblades, arcade games or purchases of wired headphones, retro fashion continues to cross generations. The aesthetic of the 90s still appeals and it is not the young people under 25 who will say the opposite since it is mainly the influencers of Generation Z who test and share their vintage looks. Through this nostalgic trend, the oldest are not left out.

On Pinterest, the search for “90s outfit” increased 47% year-over-year from 2020.

On the program for 2023? Neon colors, outdated devices and vintage looks. © Adobe Stock

Design: Adobe’s creative predictions for 2023