Deep State. The deepest state and the most dangerous governments

Marco Pizzuti is a courageous ex military graduate in Law who has written another insightful and very significant book: “Deep State. The secrets of the financial elite and the multinationals that control governments “(, Vicenza, 2022, p. 612, euro 20).

In this book, impossible to describe in detail, the Kennedy murder is also examined. This question is very complex and I have decided to report just a few lines regarding the excellent Oliver Stone film, which was attacked in various ways, even before its release. Stone said: “My country’s problem is a problem common to many other states, including Italy. It is the problem of the people versus the state. In my country the state has betrayed the Constitution, killed Kennedy, concealed the evidence and continues to do so “(p. 103). Naturally, reference is made to the state understood as a bureaucratic state power which in all these years has been heavily driven by the interests of a few well-placed people at a financial level and beyond.

As for the events relating to the infamous 11 September, I report only a few very significant lines: according to the usual authorities, the serious responsibility of the physics professor Steven Jones “was that of being able to carry out an accurate analysis of a sample of metal of WTC-7 where he found clear traces of high-potential termite-type explosives (the so-called “smoking gun” (p. 345) ”.

And so we come to define the Deep State as the intricate intertwining between people who inhabit finance, big industry and some institutions. In fact, “the protagonists of the history of the last three centuries were for the vast majority affiliated with the Masonic lodges. Without this awareness, there will always be a romantic and misleading view on the capacity of the masses to free themselves from their opponents ”(p. 26). In fact, this is an issue that has never been seriously considered. And besides, you can only elect those who have been accepted as a candidate.

However, thinking of other fundamental things, it must be added that back in 1913 the American Congressman Louis Thomas McFadden declared: “Here a world banking system was founded, an overrun controlled by international bankers who act together to enslave the world in their own interests. . The FED usurped the Government ”(a clever speech relating to the birth of the FED on the very strange December 24, 1913, p. 59).

Furthermore, it must be added that in June 1991 David Rockefeller said that “A supranational sovereignty exercised by an intellectual elite and world bankers is undoubtedly to be preferred without hesitation to the traditional self-determination of nations” (p. 123). On the other hand, “The rampant corruption of the political class, always intent on mere personal enrichment, has prevented parliaments from putting limits on the power of the elites” (p. 119).

So even today, without a shadow of a doubt, “By introducing fear and terror into a society, it is possible to make it regress to a form of Tabula Rasa, to a situation that can finally be controlled from the outside ”(Kurt Levin, director of the Tavistock Institute). Furthermore, uncontrolled fear can also fuel Philanthrocapitalism, which “allows philanthrocapitalists to legally evade taxes and secure staggering profits. [praticamente non tassati], while their public image as benefactors of humanity skyrockets ”. So “in spite of the declared good intentions, only 18 percent of total donations go to organizations that really operate in the field, while most of the money, 82 percent, ends up in their own private family foundations and with the possibility of be passed on to the heirs “(p. 405).

Ultimately it can only be said that the “lack of ethical and spiritual values ​​makes man predictable and easily controlled by those who have unlimited availability of money” (Count Richard Nikolaus of Coudenhove-Kalergi, p. 41). From another point of view, the Nobel Prize for Economics Franco Modigliani had very clear ideas: “It is not tolerable that an isolated central bank that has no responsibility or obligation to explain what it does can continue to create unemployment while governments are silent ”(p. 76).

As a real journalist said, journalism means spreading what someone does not want to be known, the rest is just propaganda (Horacio Verbitsky, Argentine writer born in 1942, one of the various heads of Human Rights Watch: Unfortunately, someone wants to eliminate much of the private property. Some want to gradually load private property “with so many” green “taxes and charges that they will eventually have to be discarded in order to survive” (p. 586). And in the meantime the wealth of the great billionaires “has increased by 8 percent” (p. 569) ..

Marco Pizzuti was born in Rome in 1971 and has also worked in the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate. In 2021 he published a book on the epidemic ( In a nutshell, Pizzuti can be defined as a former military graduate and a great expert in counter-information and scientific dissemination.

Academic and spiritual note – “The history of big financial capital is that of a demonic power. It drips blood ”(Luigi d’Amato, was a professor of Political Economy at the“ La Sapienza ”University of Rome, p. 61). The current financial power has its own logic and the current “elite doesn’t want money, because they can produce as much as they want. What he wants is maximum power, total control over people ”(Aaron Russo, p. 594).

Updated note – According to a French Nobel laureate “The current creation of money out of thin air by the banking system is identical to the creation of money by counterfeiters. The only difference is that those who profit from it are different “(Maurice Allais, born in Paris in 1911 and died in France in 2010, After all, “it is difficult to make a person understand something when his salary depends on not understanding it” (Upton Sinclair, journalist and writer who died in 1968, quoted on p. 141).

Key Note – The long “Rothschild history is particularly instructive, because it shows that in reality it is not the most famous people who are the ones with the most power, but those who remain in the shadows and do everything to never appear” (p. 64). Indeed “Money is the God of our age and Rothschild is his prophet” (Heinrich Heine). Ultimately, “Let me issue and control a nation’s currency and I don’t care who makes its laws” (Mayer Amschel Rothschild). So in recent times, independent politics is purely a dream.

Extra textual note – To the most interested readers I leave the link of the events relating to the month of June 2021, largely similar to those of the month of June 2022:,91796.html. Finally, I would like to point out another very useful book: “Godfathers. In search of the DNA of Cosa Nostra ”(Roberto Olla, retired journalist and television author, Oscar Mondadori, 280-page book from 2003).

Deep State. The deepest state and the most dangerous governments