December in Dance at the Teatro Independencia closes its cycle

With artistic proposals of excellence, “December in Dance” goes through its last week presentations at the Teatro Independencia.

Classical, modern, contemporary, traditional, folkloric, regional, popular and academic dances have been part of beautiful choreographies, which have been presented by prestigious Mendoza dance academies in the Mendoza main theater.

These are the presentations that conclude the cycle:

Show: L’etoile Company presents “Celuloid 7th Art”

Day and hour: Wednesday 14, at 9:30 p.m. Tickets: $1,500 (reserves 2615558115).

Synopsis: Deployment of episodes in choreographic succession, which are chained continuously, expressing technical excellence (dance, acting and singing). Evolution through the years of ballet, with dances and theatrical mimes on the big screen, where repertoire contents are intertwined, in a direct fusion on the audience. The engine of the meeting is a walk through the history of cinema, recreating unforgettable moments accompanied by impressive costumes, creating a unique climate for the viewer.

L’etoile is a mega space for dancing, singing and acting, 39 years old with a progressive, innovative and creative spirit. The careers that are dictated are dances and musical theater (Official Titles). Courses/Workshops: Garden Ballet-Free Style-Urban Children/Teens- Children/Youth Ballet- Commercial Dance- Jazz- Contemporary-Mixed Techniques. Ateliers: Song-Dance-Heels.

“December in Dance” goes through its last week

Show: Estrella Estudio de Danza, 54 Years

Day and hour: Thursday 15, at 9:00 p.m. Tickets: $1,000

Synopsis: Celebrating the 54 years of the “Estrella Estudio”, the training of dancers, dancers and teachers in the disciplines of tap, jazz, Spanish, and flamenco in all ages is presented. Direction: Rocío and Gabriela Magni.

Show: Higher Institute of Spanish Dance Art presents: Annual Exhibition “Alliance”

Day and hour: Friday the 16th at 9:00 p.m. Tickets: $1,000

Synopsis: A show that proposes an agreement with life, love, with every soul and body that moves and needs to grow and express emotions and feelings. “A union between people who amalgamate from the art of movement and transmit the subtleties of innocence. The distant attitude of adolescence, the vigor and adaptive capacity of youth and the serene acceptance of the adult who wants to flourish”.

The Institute has been working for 10 years in the conscious integration movement oriented towards self-growth and personal development. It is developed from the movement content of emotional intelligence, neurosciences, positive psychology and spirituality.

The presentations are at the Teatro Independencia.

Show: Free Vision Dance presents: “Free Vision in Independence”

Day and hour: Saturday 17 at 21. Tickets: $1,500

Synopsis: The show shows part of urban culture through its different dances. The style that can be seen is hip hop, waacking, house, popping, vogue. In addition, some contemporary, street jazz and heles numbers have been incorporated, whose performances will be carried out by groups of dancers of different ages and dance levels. You can enjoy choreographies and staging that have been presented at a competitive level.

Free Visión was created 15 years ago by Gabriela Salgado, who met dancers who were very passionate about art who danced in the squares and trained in different urban dances. As their roots came from freestyle, they sought to merge freestyle training and training provided by the academy.

The shows show different dances.

Show: Vanina Gispert presents “Gala Ballet”

Day and hour: Sunday 18 at 20:30. Entry: $1,000

Synopsis: Ballet Gala is presented, with “Suite Bayadere” and the magnificent work Who Cares?; According to George Balanchine. An exciting, captivating, fun and very varied show to enjoy with the family with the participation of all the students of the Institute and guest dancers. First graduate of the Institution: Teacher Martina Aye.

With 15 years of experience, the Vanina Gispert Institute is dedicated to the comprehensive training of girls from the age of 4, fostering love and passion for classical dance, recognized as the mother of all dances. The main objective is to motivate children and young people to have a harmonious development by contributing values ​​such as discipline, commitment, respect and responsibility, creating dance professionals with teaching orientation, accompanying the career of those who choose this path step by step. Lifestyle.

December in Dance at the Teatro Independencia closes its cycle