COMPANY / It is also possible for you

Prologue by Borja Vilaseca

Others tell you that you can create the life you dream of, but few reveal how. In this book you will find the keys to understand why your results are not what you expect, and you will learn to deeply question the vision you have about yourself and about life, so that you can create a new reality.


Coincidences do not exist, you are reading this because your time has come. Have you ever wondered why no matter how hard you try, things just don’t turn out the way you want them to? How many times have you questioned your true purpose and why you are here? Have you felt frustrated when you notice that others move forward while you continue to be stuck and going over the same situations? In this book, the psychologist Maria Elena Badillo, incorporating spirituality in a simple, direct and loving way, teaches us to decipher the real reasons why we do not achieve the full life we ​​long for and shows us a path of empowerment, hope and fulfillment. You have in your hands a roadmap full of practical guidelines that will lead you to transform your fears into motivations and that will guide you to move forward safely towards that life of peace and well-being that you deserve. Do not hesitate: what you long for with your heart IS ALSO POSSIBLE FOR YOU.


Maria Elena Badillo is an expert in personal growth, she is a psychologist, writer, lecturer, teacher and spiritual guide. She is a specialist in human talent, certified in talent assessment, graduated in health, neurolinguistic programming, emotional intelligence, among others. She has been trained by sharing face-to-face with great representatives of the awakening of consciousness and personal development such as Deepak Chopra, Joe Dispenza, Neale Donald Walsch, Matias De Estefano, Enric Corbera, among others, and accompanies more than a million followers on networks. social.

Despite the fact that she had built a successful career as a manager in several multinational companies, she did not find the peace she longed for, and the lack of emotional balance manifested itself in her relationships, her mood and her health. This is how she turned her life around, accepting her call to serve her and carrying out her own process of spiritual awakening. Today, from her knowledge and her personal experience, she is dedicated to fulfilling her purpose: accompanying people to free themselves from suffering and create the life of fulfillment they deserve. She, with her loving and direct touch, accompanies others to love her life and to remember the powerful and deserving being that dwells within her.


Tuesday, July 5 at 7:00 p.m. at La Casa del Libro (Rambla de Catalunya, 37)


⦁ Because you want to make a significant change in your life.

⦁ Because you want to materialize your dreams without suffering in the attempt.

⦁ Because you need to stop procrastinating and focus on acting.

⦁ Because you want to recognize your true worth.

⦁ Because you want to truly love yourself and learn to love in freedom.

This book includes 13 transformation exercises


⦁ “From that job that you don’t like and with which you resign yourself, your unconscious mind gains the comfort of continuing in a known area and not risking the challenge of resigning and applying for a new vacancy.”

⦁ «For a soul in which the burning flame of the desire for change has been lit, there are no excuses, only reasons, and even if that soul lacks the tools, having reached the limit of suffering will be an engine in the search for alternatives that produce not the relief of pain, but the healing of its origins».

⦁ «There is a big difference between listening to a friend in a difficult situation and offering them a helping hand and a voice of encouragement when they need it, and the fact of permanently reinforcing the victimhood of someone who has found the complaint, the guilt and the drama as unique strategies for coping with life, receiving care, and generating compassion.

⦁ “We all want to do something worthwhile, which is why stories of ordinary people rising above themselves and becoming heroes fill movie theaters and dominate the big screen, drawing us in and inspiring us.”

⦁ «You know you are being aware when you allow yourself to observe reality with the pristine innocence of a small child who is surprised when he lives an experience as if it were the first time, and instead of interpreting or judging it, he ventures to enjoy it full of passion and of joy».

COMPANY / It is also possible for you