CnWeek 2022, discover the program

Let’s start with CNweek. Today, October 3, the first appointments. Until 9 October, a week of meetings and dialogue to address the environmental issue in the perspective of the integral ecology of Pope Francis’ Laudato Sì. On Saturday 8th there will be an event in attendance at the Don Bosco theater in Rome.

All up on Earth! This is the title of the new edition of the CnWeek which kicks off today. A whole week of debates, meetings and round tables, until Sunday 9. So mark the date: from 3 to 9 October on our Youtube channel. On Saturday 8, from 4 to 6 pm, the meeting will be held in presence at the Don Bosco Theater From Rome. On Sunday, space for practical initiatives to make the world a cleaner place with ecological actions throughout Italy. The red thread that binds all the meetings is integral ecology in the perspective of Praised yes of Pope Francis.

Below is the program of the week:

Monday 3 October:

11.00 am: CNweek News

18.30 – CuciniAmo together – seasonality, sustainability, territoriality in everyday food. Sara Paioletti, Città Nuova editorial staff, talks with Daniele Signa, nutritionist biologist.

9.00 pm – Eat well and live a hundred years – health, food and longevity. With Valter Giantin, geriatrician, and Pasquale Pellegrini, journalist and writer. Moderate Giulio Meazzini.

Tuesday 4 October:

11.00 am: CNweek News

17.00: Integral ecological conversion as a choice for peace. With Maurizio Simoncelli, Iriad, author of “Land of conquest (environment and resources between conflict and resources)” Ed. Città Nuova; Stefano Scarpa – Cinzia Guaita, War Free business network; Aide Esu, Sociology of the University of Cagliari; Vittorio Pelligra, Economics University of Cagliari, author of “Words that do” (the hidden logic of communication) Ed. Città Nuova; Graziano Bullegas, Italy Our Sardinia; Annalisa Columbu, Legambiente Sardinia; Luca Raffaele, General Manager Next, New economy for all.
They lead Carlo Cefaloni, New Town editorial office, and Arnaldo Scarpa, Rwm reconversion committee.

9.00 pm – Water, a common good in danger. With Luca Fiorani, scientist; representatives of the Mamme No Pfas Association and the Monastero del Bene Comune Association of Sezano (VR); Anna Maria Panarotto, Luca Cecchi, Giovanna Dal Lago, Michela Piccoli, Father Silvano Nicoletto, exponents of active citizenship associations.
They coordinate Carlo Cefaloni and Candela Copparoni, Città Nuova editorial staff.

Wednesday 5th October:

11.00 am: CNweek News

18.00 – Legality, environment and social justice. The question of illegal hiring between the market and the mafias. With Sergio Nazzaro, journalist, Jean Renè Bilongo, Placido Rizzotto Observatory, Laura Hardeep Kaur, trade unionist Flai Cgil province of Latina. Conducted by Carlo Cefaloni, Città Nuova editorial staff.

9.00 pm – Civil economy and ecological conversion. In dialogue with the economists Luigino Bruni and Stefano Zamagni.

Thursday 6th October:

11.00 am: CNweek News

18.30 – The truth, please, about the environment: hoaxes, errors and misinformation in public discourse on ecology. With Letizia Palmisano, environmental journalist and ecoblogger, and Antonello Pasini, physicist, expert on climate change. Leads Filippo Campo Antico, Città Nuova editorial staff.

Friday 7 October:

11.00 am: CNweek News

18.30 – Young ideas. With Mariano Iavarone, psychosocial and relational counselor and social worker, and Chiara Spatola and Cristina Buonaugurio, psychologists and psychotherapists. With the contribution of Luigi Gagliardi and Sofia Mastrilli of the Teens editorial team. Moderate Sara Fornaro, Città Nuova editorial staff.

Saturday 8 October:

4.00 pm: Rome, final event. All up on Earth! Challenges for an integral ecological conversion. Don Bosco Theater, via Publio Valerio, 63. Live via streaming.

Speakers: Luca Fiorani, professor at the “Lumsa” and “Sophia” universities, member of the international commission of the EcoOne interdisciplinary initiative; Marina Galati, board member of Banca Etica and vice-president of the CNCA (National Coordination of the Hospitality Community); Luigi Di Marco, operational coordination of ASviS (Italian Alliance for Sustainable Development).

Sunday 9 October:

Sunday in green. Ecological actions in the various Italian territories.


Monday 3 October at 5.00 pm: Animated reading of “Il Cicognac” by M. Allegri.

Law Patrizia Balboni (4-7 years) – in connection from Cento (Ferrara) – live on the Youtube channel of Città Nuova.

Wednesday 5 October at 5.00 pm: Let’s meet Big – live on the Città Nuova YouTube channel.

Friday 7 October at 5.00 pm: Animated reading of “We could also be friends” by D. Nannini. Law Patrizia Balboni (4-7 years) – in connection from Cento (Ferrara) – live on the Youtube channel of Città Nuova.

Saturday 8 October 4.30 pm: Let’s meet Big (Don Bosco Theater, Rome). Workshop for children (only in presence).


Zugliano, Sarcedo and Thiene (VI), Monday 3 October – 8.00 pm

Let’s save bees and our future.

Vlora (Albania) Tuesday 4 October – 4.00 pm
The forest bath: how nature affects human health – live on the Città Nuova YouTube channel

Voghera (PV), Tuesday 4 October – 6.45 pm
Caring for the other: fragility and disability – solidarity network between institutions, associations and citizens – also live on the Città Nuova YouTube channel

Verona, Thursday 6 October – 9.00 pm

Verona in solidarity: when the art of recycling becomes culture – even live on the Città Nuova YouTube channel.

Nocera Inferiore (SA), Friday 7 October – 5.00 pm

All up on Earth! Focus on integral ecology.

Florence, Friday 7 October – 6.00 pm

Man and nature. Common fate.

Trento, Friday 7 October – 9.00 pm

Interaction between cultures at school: beyond welcome and integration. Where are we at? – also live on the Città Nuova YouTube channel.

Parma, Saturday 8 October – 3.30 pm

Let’s save the world at the table – in the food valley.

Frontignano (BS), Sunday 9 October – 9.00-17.30

It depends on me. Taking care of the world around us means taking care of ourselves.

Turin, Sunday 9 October – 9.30-17.30

All up on Earth. Day to take care of Mother Earth.

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