CINEDIK – The films of 04/01/2023

2022 is over. The cinema leaves a big year behind it but don’t worry, the year 2023 promises to be as full as the previous one. And it starts this week with several French films that deserve you to make the trip.

The Cinédik column wishes you all a happy new year 2023.


First film that we recommend to you this year, Skirmishers tells the story of a father, camped by Omar Sy, who leaves to join his 17-year-old son on the war front, after he was forcibly conscripted there in 1917, during the First World War. This is the second film by Mathieu Vadepied, who created the series In Therapyreal successes in 2021.

16 years old

This film by Philippe Lioret engages a young cast with the presence in the foreground of Sabrina Levoye and Teïlo Azaïs. The film tells the story of Nora and Leo, two high school students who suddenly fall in love with each other. Nora’s brother, meanwhile, is fired from his job after being accused of theft by… Leo’s father. A much more complicated story follows which will take our characters to unexpected twists and turns.

This summer

New film by Eric Latigau after The Aries Family and #I’m here. A young family travels all over France with their family to reach the vacation spot where they go each year with their family, to find one of their friends. Unfortunately, this summer, nothing will be like before. Marina Foïs is notably in the casting of the film.


A simple concert film that nevertheless has everything to arouse curiosity. The story of a man who returns to his hometown, Naples after 40 years, finding the people he knew there and the hardships that made him leave. Between drama and thriller, the new film by Mario Martone highlights the famous Italian actor Pierfrancesco Favino, already seen in Il Traditore recently.

The survivors

The story of Samuel, a homebody who shuts himself up in his chalet in the Italian Alps until the day an Afghan refugee comes into his life. Samuel does not want trouble, but she is in distress, wants to cross the border to come to France, and only Samuel can help her. Directed by Guillaume Renusson, Denis Ménochet is the central actor.

The rest of the movie releases

RADIO METRONOM, drama about young Romanians who, in the 1970s, contact an underground radio station, leading to unpremeditated events. Directed by Alexandru Belc.

COME TO SEE, dramatic comedy where two couples with totally different life trajectories meet and upset everyone’s visions. Directed by Jonas Trueba.

THE STRANGE STORY OF THE WOOD CUTTER, dramatic comedy that sees the life of a lumberjack and his peaceful village rocked by tragic events. Directed by Mikko Myllylahtti.

ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WALL, thriller in which a perdition couple changes house, which is full of secrets and will revolutionize their relationship. Directed by Tiburce.

ETUGEN, documentary that aims to highlight the safeguard of the planet by mixing shamanism and spirituality. Directed by Arnaud Riou and Maud Baigneres.

MY DEAR SPIES, documentary where two brothers conduct an investigation to find out if their grandfather was in the Soviet secret service. Directed by Vladimir Leon.

PROFESSOR YAMAMOTO IS RETIRING, documentary about one of Japan’s top surgeons, who is about to retire. Directed by Kazuhiro Soda.

Happy New Year to all and long live the cinema!

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CINEDIK – The films of 04/01/2023