Charlene of Monaco under the influence? This mysterious woman who surrounds him in the shadows

Charlene of Monaco has never hidden his attraction to spirituality. The wife of Prince Albert of Monacowhich has recently been received by Pope Francis at the Vatican, prays regularly and enjoys going to church. “She found faith. faith saved her. She converted to Catholicism by her marriage, it was not part of her genes, nor of her culture, as Grace Kelly for example (…) She accepted that her destiny is different and that, only one person can really understand it, it is God“, to analyse Bertrand Deckersa specialist in crowned heads, with Since few years, a woman, who would have spiritual virtues, accompanies in the shadows the mother of the twins Jacques and Gabriella. This is demonstrated the documentary Albert and Charlene, a couple in turmoil, broadcast on W9, this Tuesday, January 3 at 9:05 p.m.

From December 2016, a woman with blond hair and dark glasses accompanies him on his trip to India. The two women appear relatives and accomplices in front of the cameras. But then, who is it? “This woman would be none other than a guru“, indicates the voice-over of the documentary. And Bertrand Deckers to confirm: “It is reported that the princess is increasingly surrounded by a young woman named Dawn Earl.“If we are to believe the gossip about her, the one who roams around the Monegasque princess would be”a numerologist escaped from a cult in Australia“, specifies the journalist Pierrick Geais. “At the Palace, it is rumored that Dawn Earl is said to have cut off Princess Charlene from a number of her friends, who she would ultimately choose for Princess Charlene which dating to have or not to have (…) We really have the impression that it is Princess Charlene’s Rasputin“, specifies our colleague from Paris Match. So what influence does Dawn Earl truly have on Prince Albert’s wife ?

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Dawn Earl, Charlene of Monaco’s “private advisor”?

Following this trip which caused a lot of ink to flow, The Journal of Monaco, which is none other than the official bulletin of the Principality, does not take long to ppublish an official press release, specifying the role of Dawn Earl with Charlene of Monaco. The person concerned was then presented as a “Private Advisor to HSH the Princess. In the summer of 2020, the weekly Paris Match also takes a closer interest in this mysterious woman present in the shadow of Charlene of Monacodescribing it as a “self-proclaimed prophetess : “Supporting stars, the fortune teller would have recently suggested that one of her relatives, a computer scientist, become the official graphic designer of the principality“, had notably written the magazine, according to comments reported by Royal Stories. Other of our European colleagues are more virulent towards him, like Vanitatiswho calls Dawn Earl a “witch.” One thing is certain, the latter does not leave the media indifferent…

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Charlene of Monaco under the influence? This mysterious woman who surrounds him in the shadows – Gala