Bogotá International Documentary Exhibition: everything you need to know

After 24 years of uninterrupted work, the MIDBO – International Documentary Exhibition of Bogotá, continues to position itself as the main documentary film circulation event in Colombia and Latin America. This from its three usual sections: Documentary Film, Expanded Documentary and Encounter Thinking about the Real.

This year the documentary party begins today and runs until October 30 at the Cinematheque of Bogotá, La Alianza Francesa, the Gabriel García Márquez Cultural Center, the Sala Alterna-UNAL Cinematheque and the Retina Latina digital platform.

In total, 74 films from countries such as: Canada, France, Mexico, Germany, Argentina, Peru, Spain, Brazil, Portugal, Chile, Cuba, Guatemala, Panama, Venezuela, Iran, United States, Belgium, Italy, China and Colombia, of which 40 will be exclusive premieres. In addition, there will be more than 20 national and international guests in training, reflection and dialogue activities.

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The following are the must-sees of the Festival that celebrates its 24th edition.

Inaugural event of the 24 International Documentary Exhibition of Bogotá

In a network of multiple film supports and with a meticulous audiovisual flow, herbal by Leandro Listorti, (Argentina) raises the connection between the study and preservation of flora, with the restoration and preservation of film material, paying special attention to care work and the metaphysical concerns of conservation praxis, based on the observation of the work of biologists, archivists and restorers.

When and where: October 25 at 7:00 pm at LA Cinemateca de Bogotá Sala Capital.

The mamos of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.

This new expanded documentary exhibition of the 24 MIDBO investigates the gesture of dismantling the archive, memory and colonial representation to grant new meanings through the movement of images. The opening of “Niwi Umukin, ante el tiempo” will give way to the projection of the work with a performative activation that involves a ritual action of historical tradition carried out by the Mamo Arhuaco Eugenio Villafañe. This performative/ritual intervention seeks to involve the public through exercises that clean the traces of internal violence, and bring the spirituality of the Sierra closer to the urban public.

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When and where: October 25 at 5:00 pm Cinemateca de Bogotá Sala E.

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Tomorrow is a water palace

His experimental cinema is based on exile and the return to personal ghosts. It is the possibility of perceiving rumors of life among the collective ruins of violence and for the moment leaves us exploring an environmental dystopia that invokes the spirit of water. His three short films: Tomorrow is a Water Palace, Our Song of War and The Jungle Knows You Better Than Yourself, have been screened at the biggest festivals in the world: the Berlinale, the Directors’ Fortnight in Cannes and Rotterdam. Together they trace a navigator’s route through a cinema in which, little by little, the layers of mystical hybridizations of a filmmaker who puts no limits on imagination and takes risks to express a personal distance from any narrative and aesthetic formula of the industry are revealed. audiovisual.

When and where: October 27 at 8:00 pm at Cinemateca de Bogotá Sala Capital

“Our Movie” by Diana Bustamante (Colombia)

This documentary recovers, confronts and reactivates an archive that is in the memory of Colombians who lived through the bloody war of the 1980s and 1990s. For one or several generations, the newscasts that broadcast images of massacres and murders were part of their sentimental and political education. That was “our movie” broadcast every night on television screens. The documentary focuses on events, repetitions and symbols from discarded files. And other well-known ones, and he does it with the purpose not only of doing a memory exercise but also of causing concern. It is about denaturalizing violence and making each viewer wonder about their place in front of it.

When and where: Cinemateca De Bogotá / Sala Capital Thursday, October 27 at 6:00 pm

Latin American premiere of Geographies of solitude

Canadian director Jacquelyn Mills collaborates with Zoe Lucas on the creation of an immersive and profound work, Geographies of Solitude and her quest to highlight the need to feel nature in a sacred way if we want to survive on the planet. In 103 minutes, Jaquelyn, through her 16-millimeter camera, transports us to Sable Island, in eastern Canada, where Dr. Lucas has worked for more than 40 years studying the island’s biodiversity. This unexpected and exciting collaboration between filmmaker and biologist provides a lyrical and poetic film; rigorous and experimental, where science and art merge in an expression of the sacred.

When and where: Cinemateca De Bogotá / Sala Capital Friday, October 28 at 3:00 pm

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This year La Midbo has a large presence of female directors, 31 of the 74 films received by call were directed or co-directed by women. A good selection to keep in mind their historical importance as great promoters of documentaries in the world. “Dissonar” is a short film that is part of the Sinfonías de Ciudad project of the CCCB (Centre for Contemporary Culture of Barcelona) that gives voice to consolidated and emerging filmmakers. The 24 Midbo will have the presence of its director Liliana Díaz.

When and where: Cinemateca De Bogotá / Room 2 Thursday, October 27 at 4:00 pm

ALADOS Award for a lifetime as a documentary filmmaker

On the occasion of the delivery of the ALADOS Award for the documentary work of a lifetime and the premiere in Bogotá of the film Camilo Torres Restrepo, el amor efficacious, co-directed by Fernando Restrepo and Diego García, this award is presented by Alados (The Corporation of documentary makers from Colombia Alados) to the director Marta Rodríguez.

The filmography of Marta Rodríguez together with Jorge Silva in the 1960s gave way to the birth of the Documentary Film Foundation in 1971. Since then, it has preserved the legacy of a fundamental work in the birth of the new Latin American political cinema. The work of Marta Rodríguez continues her political film project close to the resistance of the communities and the indigenous struggle in Colombia.

When and where: October 30 at 6:00 pm Sala Capital – Cinemateca de Bogotá.

closing function of the International Documentary Exhibition of Bogotá

In “After the Fire, Fragments of a transition”, Father Francisco de Roux, president of the Truth Commission, accompanied by the commissioners and their teams, go in search of the truth. In long days of listening, reflection, search and documentation, for three years traveling around the country. To try to specify and explain the motives and the hidden reasons behind the different violent acts that have generated pain and deepened the country’s gaps, in light of a truth that calls into question the very humanity of the Colombian people.

When and where: October 30 at 8:00 pm Sala Capital – Cinemateca de Bogotá

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Bogotá International Documentary Exhibition: everything you need to know