Blogs | 25 years of Titanic, Avatar 2 and the Cameron recipe: the first numbers of the new ‘circus’ of wonders

Just on December 19, 1997 it was released in American cinemas Titanic announced blockbusters monumental and love story in a celluloid epic comparable only to Gone With the Wind. 25 years after thatexploit the images are still sharp Kate Winslet And Leonardo Dicaprio hug each other on the bow of the ship. In the end, cling to that door smashed into the icy Newfoundland water which would soon see Jack swallowed up by the waves. Or thesis and hopeful in their evening gowns, around a table of gossip and high society.

Or again entangled in whirling dances downstairs to the rhythm of Irish music and then sweaty in their romantic and passionate night of love. With his $2.201 billion grossed it is so far the third highest-grossing film in cinema history. And he remained the first until the advent of Avatars in 2009, which still excels today with assets of 2.922 billion e Avengers: Endgamesecond with $2.797 billion.

The collective imagination suffered an epochal jolt with Titanic. A real one upgrade, to use third millennium jargon. There were many elements of strong historical, aesthetic and emotional impact in Titanic. It contained a probable novel on the real accident that occurred on the British transatlantic liner in 1912 with the scenic and visual reconstruction painstakingly inspired by the documentation consulted by James Cameron and fished out through underwater explorations unthinkable until then, which brought to light an infinite number of details.

He proposed one love story remained stainless in the time between two young people which represented the atavistic rift between rich and poor. He used the technological contribution and the computer graphic animation used to create not only the spectacular shipwreck scenes, which still make school today, but also, for example, for digitally multiply the number of extras on the bridges.

Cameron in ’97 already came from several hits, among others Terminators 1 and 2 And The Abyss, revolutionary films for shooting techniques and technology, as well as great science fiction and dystopia films. The quarter century of Titanic it falls right after the first weekend of release for another big title by Cameron just released in the hall smug with hopes and ambitions. Avatar: The Way of Water has been in Italian cinemas since December 14 and has already collected 9.98 million euroswhile in the world it is now at an altitude of 434.5 million dollars.

A path that will probably tear up i 3 biggest audience successes post-Covid: Top Gun Maverick of Paramount and then Spider-Man And Doctor Strange both from Disney. Already from here the overwhelming power of majors of Mickey Mouse is very clear having forfeited both Marvel and Fox (now Twentieth Century Studios) producing Avatars since 2009.

At the end of the 90s the news magazines were talking about passionate teenagers that they went to watch over and over again at the cinema Titanic. She entered the hearts of the public indelibly with all his records. He made two icons of actors, quotes and parodies. She dictated Cameron how King Midas of cinema and judging by the numbers and the first comments, too Avatars 2 could cash in quite a bit.

The first chapter, after all, was a story of Indians against cowboys, the good of the indigenous Na’vi against the ruthless invading humans. All in a sauce new age based on spirituality of nature. I wait, the latter, a lot cool in that time. Along with the concept of avatars (life simulators) invented by video games such as The Sims. This time Cameron raises the bar, transfers all the characters to the shores of the ocean of Pandora, adds natural and adopted children and the universe becomes underwater populated by imaginary cetaceans and above all, the family becomes open while remaining patriarchal. Perfect cocktail to repeat success.

But Cameron does more, he cites himself. Some frames of this Avatars 2 they remember Titanic. There Jack and Rose fought not to fall into the water, while in the end that wooden plank it didn’t hold up either. Instead, the whole Na’vi family supports itself on a piece of the boat and from there it will leave for its rescue against the bad guys.

Here it is Cameron’s rescued overview. Titanic it kept alive the dramaturgical tension of a tight narrative and organically well blended with all the technical and visual factors. The Avatars, instead, they are large circuses. One aerial, the other aquatic, aiming more at the pure amazement for the glance. With the succession of unimaginable creatures and hyperkinetic actions and Disney fully supports them, which contributes to the creation of this world by expanding it as if Pandora were to become a planet of Star Wars.

In short, success in progress so new records on the horizon? Maybe yes. But let’s not forget that 3 hours and a quarter of circus of wonders in 3d can also be boring. While Titanic no, as suggested by the various television broadcasts that have always received ratings over the years and share very tall. The Oscars also confirm this: only 3 for Avatarsall technical, and 11 for Titanic. Among them best film and best director. Happy birthday to the big movies.

Blogs | 25 years of Titanic, Avatar 2 and the Cameron recipe: the first numbers of the new ‘circus’ of wonders – Il Fatto Quotidiano