Blessed are you, the review of the film available on Sky and Now

It is available exclusively on Sky Cinema and streaming on NOW, the new Sky Original comedy produced for Sky by Cinemaundici and Vision Distribution which deals with the delicate theme of motherhood and free choice with light but not banal tones

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Blessed are you, the trailer of the film Sky Original with Serena Rossi

When the biological clock strikes, every woman has to ask herself: do I really want a child of mine? What are the pros and cons, how many joys do they give you and what sacrifices do they impose on you?

In a historical period in which the birth rate curve is in an epochal decline, the question is by no means a far-fetched one. To ask it is lucky you, new Sky Original declined for women: Luisa Merloni is a woman, author of the play, “Farsi Fuori”, from which the script is based. The two screenwriters are women: Lisa Nur Sultan, who also wrote On my skinthe TV-series Circeo and 7 women and a mystery; and Carlotta Corradi, author and theater director specializing in women’s themes in the bourgeois sphere. The producer, Olivia Musini, is a woman who with her Cinemaundici began producing the cinema of Ermanno Olmi and the Taviani brothers. Paola Randi is a woman, a director who loves to frequent artistic territories that are rarely traveled in Italy, such as the science fiction of Tito and the aliens or the fantasy de The Befana comes at night 2. And the protagonist, Serena Rossi, is a woman who, after the convincing performances of the neo-musicarelli by the Manetti Bros. Love and underworld and Song ‘e Napuledeserved a stage all to itself.

Serena Rossi in a scene from Beata te


A summer ago, the teaser trailer for the Sky Original series

It is called stage not by chance because the film fortunately owes much to the piece from which it is made: Rossi plays Marta a theater director who is about to debut with her version of Hamlet; and the theater is there in the film and it shows, there are the auditions and the open-stage applause, the superstitious rites and the flattery of the TV-series. And then it is said stage because it is from that of a Roman club that the story unfolds: after performing at the karaoke Don’t Stop Me Now of Queen, Serena Marta holds a solemn but semi-serious speech on the potentially critical passage to the “antas”. She is about to turn 40, the moment in which – at least as she declaims triumphantly – women begin to reap what they have sown so far.

Already the women, because in addition to being an all-female film, lucky you it is also a feminist film. It is so because of the theme it deals with and which the author of the theatrical comedy summarizes as follows: “In a society which sees perhaps for the first time a generation of women increasingly delaying the choice of becoming mothers, motherhood, as a choice, as a duty , returns to being a discussed and controversial topic as well as a nerve center where different visions on life, religion and spirituality often clash”. A feminism, which however is not tackled in a militant way but with the cheerful tones of the comedy of manners.

                                                                                      Serena Rossi in the movie Blessed are you
Serena Rossi and Fabio Balsamo together in Blessed are you


The Kaiser – Franz Beckenbauer, the review of the film Sky Original

Precisely on that fateful day, Martha receives a visit from the Archangel Gabriel, who has the features of Fabio Balsamo, who, coming from the comedy group The Jackal, had already duetted with Rossi on the set of 7 hours to make you fall in love by Giampaolo Morelli. The first surprise, however, is that the two – Neapolitans doc- here do not rely, as has been the case so far, on the prison musicality of their own dialect, but opt ​​for script reasons, one for a convincing Roman dialect, the other for a buffo Italian-Spanish one ( because forced to speak like the current Pope).

Well, as you will have understood, the archangel is in a momentary stay on earth to make the announcement, yes precisely the one that the Virgin Mary received in the mists of time (and which – since we are talking about Neapolitan comedians – was immortalized in a comic key from the Smorfia by Massimo Troisi, Lello Arena and Enzo Decaro). However, here, despite being within the perimeter of the comedy, there is little to laugh about: a serious theme, that of motherhood, is tackled in an allegorical key. That is, for a middle-aged woman, “single but not alone”, socially active, culturally evolved, and professionally established, what does it mean to decide to give birth to a child?

Serena Rossi in the movie Blessed are you
Another scene with Serena Rossi in Beata te


A Good Person, the first image from the Sky Original film by Zach Braff

Thus begins the casting of potential dads, in a well thought-out and hilarious sequence in which the ex-boyfriend who fled to Bombay stands out, played by Corrado Fortuna and Lorenzo Renzi (he was one of the Buffoni brothers in the series Criminal noveland one of the patients of the psychiatric clinic of Everything asks for salvation by Francesco Bruni) which is produced here in a truly hilarious Romanesque caricature. Out of line, the brilliant Herbert Ballerina: a precipitate of pure comedy with potential that is probably still partially unexpressed, who – seeing is believing – thanks to a single joke deserves the entire cache here and even a standing ovation!

Fabio Balsamo in the film Blessed are you
Fabio Balsamo is the Archangel Gabriel in Beata te


After Yang, the review of the film premiered on Sky tonight

The film also addresses the doubts (it is appropriate to say Hamlet-like) of a middle-aged woman who asks herself “How did I get like this? What went wrong?”. And while she asks, the director plays with the stylistic features of the “rom-com”, or rather the romantic comedies of the Anglo-Saxon school which, between one laugh and another, tell of love intrigues, sweet kisses and languid caresses. And the examples – from Four weddings and a funeral to Bridget Jones’s diarypassing through the films of the Rock HudsonDoris Day couple such as Love returns or The bed tells – they waste away.

To tie the emotional ups and downs of the protagonist, the soundtrack is punctuated by some classics of light song such as Like before by Tony Dallara (in Spanish version) e No one can judge me by Caterina Caselli. However, since it is a film by Paola Randi, there are also musical interludes with Fabio Balsamo who performs an ironic version of the famous Quizás, Quizás, Quizás. The original music is by the good Giordano Corapi.

The title of the film plays on the double meaning of angelic bliss and that of women without offspring and therefore, as such, theoretically free to do as they please. Provided you know.

Blessed are you, the review of the film available on Sky and Now