Black Panther 2, Blade Runner 2099, Assassin’s Creed … Our recap of the week

Hello, inveterate reader! The middle of September does not skimp on cultural news either! From the announcement of flagship projects as again Assassin’s Creed, to a standoff between studio and French legislation for as well as the loss of a cinema icon; we give you the point!

On the cinema side,

  • Our colleagues from French movie announced this Tuesday, September 13 the possibility that Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is canceled from theatrical release in France! The Disney distributor spoke in the presence of the CNC and some FNCF the possibility of not releasing the next Marvel blockbuster on the big screen for the benefit of their Disney+ platform. Indeed, the studio has been maintaining a showdown for several months to bypass the media timeline, the French law which obliges films released in theaters to wait 17 months before being broadcast on a platform. As a reminder, they have already canceled the theatrical release in France of their next animated film Avalonia, the strange journey for the same reasons, and Black Panther turns out to be their new means of pressure.
  • The cinema lost this September 13 one of its greatest authors. Jean-Luc Godard, pioneer of the New Wave movement and controversial director passed away following an assisted suicide in Switzerland. A relative of the filmmaker confided to Allocinated “He wasn’t sick, he was just exhausted. So he had made the decision to end it. » Godard through his iconoclastic and experimental cinema, was not unanimous (which is the case of the author of his lines) but single-handedly redefined cinematographic narration and provoked a warning shot in the 7th arrondissement which irrigated the bigger ones, such as Tarantino, Spielberg etc…

On the series side,

  • Back to the cyberpunk universe of blade runner but this time for the small screen. Prime Video has announced that it is building Blade Runner 2099, a series adapted from the famous universe of Phillip K. Dick and following the cult film by Ridley Scott as well as its excellent sequel by Denis Villeneuve. As its title suggests, the series will take place 50 years after the latter and will be developed by showrunner Silka Luisa, who already has the show behind her Shinning Girls. Ridley Scott, although he won’t be directing an episode, will be back as a producer, alongside Michael Green, who is already writing on blade runner 2049. As a reminder, this will not be the first excursion on the small screen since the animated series Blade Runner: Black Lotus landed November 13, 2021 on Adult Swim.
  • ryan murphy is coming back to Netflix very soon with its new mini series Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Storywhich unveils its first trailer only 5 days before its release! More than enticing images, with a sordid and aesthetic atmosphere (which is reminiscent of Seven) returning to the serial killer case Jeffrey Dahmer. Indeed, the latter had committed 17 murders and had demonstrated cannibalism, concerning only homosexuals and minorities. Series is to be discovered next Wednesday, September 21!

music side,

  • Very discreet for many years, Jean-Jacques Goldman rcoming very soon! Not as a performer but as a co-author/co-composer. Indeed, the favorite singer of the French will soon collaborate time a single with the group Trois Cafés Gourmands, known for the hit To our memories. This new title will be called When ? and is described as an “eco-conscious anthem”. See you next mid-autumn to discover the piece!
  • The famous rock/electro band Muse is coming back to France soon for their new album Will of The People ! But beware only 4 dates are currently scheduled, so take note for 2023: in Lyon on June 15, in Bordeaux on June 29, in Paris on July and in Marseille on July 15. Regarding the purchase of tickets, we will still have to wait, but not too long! Presales will open on Tuesday September 20 at 1 p.m. and the opening of general public sales will be on Thursday September 22 at 10 a.m. Don’t miss the appointment!

As for video games,

  • At the bend of its Forward, a Ubisoft news caught our attention! Besides the announcement of Assassin’s Creed Mirage, a return to the sources oriented infiltration; of the Infinity Hub which will host the versions Red and Hexe, respectively putting the famous franchise of Assassin’s Creed within a context of Feudal Japan and sorcery; but also Jade, open-world in ancient China planned for iOS and Android; it is indeed the announcement of a collaboration between Netflix and the developer that tickles our curiosity! Ubisoft will develop for the N rouge video game service a game of his famous assassins license. In the form of an open world or arcade game? No idea since compared to other announcements, the mystery has been kept by the French developer. As a reminder, this will not be the first collaboration of the two companies since Netflix is ​​developing a live series. Assassin’s Creed.
  • Capcom looks back on its catalog of games announced in its “online program” for the Tokyo Game Show 2022! The developers of street fighter 6 filled up with information on new characters, new modes World Tour and Battle Hub, and have confirmed an upcoming Closed Beta Test. On the side of Resident Evil Village informations on the Winters Extension were given, announcements of new platforms unveiled. For monster hunterpreviews of the new challenges, expected in the update Sunbreak, were shared. A mysterious vortex has meanwhile caused the appearance of new dinosaurs, exoskeletons and other details for Exoprimal. Find all the details in the replay of Capcom’s TGS 2022 Online Program below!

reading side,

  • Journalist Sofian Aissaoui unveiled his new book this Thursday, September 15, Drag – The other face of queens and kingspublished by The Musardine. Its author retraces the history of the french drag scene whether in its political dimension or in the course of different drag-queens and drag-kings. He explains at the microphone of 20 minutes that “ This book comes to say that we should not think that drag is limited to queens” and that there is “room for everyone”.
  • The independent comic book publisher Picture Comicsannounced a brand new 6-part miniseries written by author Tim Seeley and drawn by Zulema Scotto Lavina. Expected for this month of decemberit will be called Hexware and will mix witchcraft and Cyberpunk! In this universe, society is governed by large corporations where the population, driven by class inequalities, has taken refuge in magic and “neo-spirituality”. The plot will focus on the Marks family, who will try to understand the murder of their daughter by questioning the gods, while their android Wich-Where will do the same with the Devil. A little graphic preview below!

On the show side,

  • Hans Zimmer fans get ready! This end of September and beginning of October will be held in several cities in France the show “The World Of Hans Zimmer”. A godsend to immerse yourself in the greatest works of the greatest Hollywood composer of recent years. If you weren’t part of the 41,000 spectators for the 2021 tour, book your dates : September 27 in Reims, September 28 in Paris, September 29 in Rouen, 30 in Amneville, October 1 in Grenoble and October 2 in Aix en Provence.
  • Chéries-Chéris, the LGBTQI&+++ Film Festival de Paris, is back for its 28th edition which will take place from November 19 to 29, 2022 in cinemas MK2 Beaubourg, Quai de Seine and Library ! The festival, which is an international reference in the genre it defends, will offer as usual the best of cinematographic production – unpublished fiction, documentaries and short films – dealing with homosexualities and transidentities. Don’t miss the appointment!
Black Panther 2, Blade Runner 2099, Assassin's Creed … Our recap of the week

Black Panther 2, Blade Runner 2099, Assassin’s Creed … Our recap of the week