Avatar 2: the first opinions have fallen, what is the long

13 years after the first part, Avatar 2 is finally about to be released in cinemas. As usual, the first reviews were revealed ahead of this highly anticipated launch. Has the blockbuster been validated by the specialized press? Anthology.

Avatar 2 is already getting praise © Disney

Avatar 2 had already had the right to a rave review signed Guillermo del Toro. The director had appreciated the myriad “Majestic images and emotions on an epic scale”, saluting “a master at the height of his powers”. We are now a few days away from the release ofAvatar: The Way of the Water scheduled for December 14 in our region, that is to say in a week all the way. And as before each big launch, the specialized journalists shared their first impressions on Twitter.

With such a colossal budget (between 350 and 400 million dollars), Avatar 2 is expected at the turn. E to James Cameron’s delight, the praise is out. Mike Ryan (Uproxx) admits having “Never seen anything like it technically and visually speaking. It’s impressive. Maybe too intrusive. I sometimes missed parts of the plot because I was watching a fish from Pandora.”

Avatar 2 receives a torrent of positive reviews but also some criticism

As expected, the special effects ofAvatar 2 are breathtaking. “It’s no exaggeration to say how visually impressive Avatar: The Way of Water is in Dolby 3D. Magnificent”, marvels Brandon Davis (ComicBook). An opinion shared by Perri Nemiroff (Collider): “The sublime images follow one after the other. But what I liked the most is the way in which the technical prowess is constantly placed at the service of the characters and the construction of the universe”.

Erik Davis (Fandango) was also seduced by the film which outperforms the first part according to him. “Bigger, better and more emotional than Avatar, the film is visually stunning and incredibly captivating. The story, the spectacle, the spirituality, the beauty – the film alone embodies the best of cinema and storytelling”.

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Not all reviews are so rave reviews. Critic Scott Mantz acknowledges the breathtaking beauty of the special effects. However, he believes that the story is “weaker” than that of the first part. And also points to the length of the film (3:10) before recognizing that “the last hour is incredible”. Amon Warmann (Empire) appreciated the 3D and “pretty amazing action”. “But a lot of storylines struggle to take off and the high frame rate isn’t a big hit in my eyes”he points out.

Matt Neglia talks about “a heartfelt and breathtaking epic that was well worth the wait”. Only downside according to him, the perfectible quality of the dialogues.

Avatar 2: the first opinions have fallen, what is the long-awaited sequel worth?