Autumn brings a lot of prose, music and comedy to the Teatro della Regina and the Snaporaz Salon

After two seasons marked by restrictions due to the health emergency, the Teatro della Regina di Cattolica returns in its most beautiful version with a program that continues in the direction of combining classic and contemporary dramaturgical languages ​​with proposals that represent the best of national and international artistic production.

Carlo Lucarelli, Massimo Recalcati and Mario Perrotta, Elio Germano and Teho Teardo, Ale & Franz and Simone Cristicchi these are just some of the protagonists of the shows that will be staged on the Cattolica stage starting from 3 November and that will accompany the schedule of the Salone Snaporaz which inaugurates Thursday 20 October with live music.

A dense and multifaceted billboard created thanks to the collaboration between the Municipality of Cattolica and Ater Foundationwhich from October to April offers viewers a calendar of 20 titles including prose,
music, dance and comedy.
To interpret it the new graphic image conceived and created by Elisa Menini, a young illustrator from Rimini who explores the universe of Japanese folklore with her drawings, author for Oblomov and winner of the 2021 Boscarato Award as best artist. Her manifesto for the 2022/2023 season in Cattolica is the first chapter of an artistic project that wants to give space to the creatives of the territory.

The appointments with the shows begin at the Snaporaz Salon Thursday 20 October with the music of Craving effectan ensemble of young musicians who play live music The last man on earththe cult science fiction film of 1964, an event that is part of the project Biglia – stages on the trackthe Ater Foundation circuit dedicated to live music.

Thursday 3 November we move to the Teatro della Regina for the first title of the 2022-2023 season: it’s about Ppp – An Italian secretby and with Carlo Lucarelli. On the occasion of the hundredth anniversary of the birth of Pier Paolo Pasolini (5 March 2022), the Emilian writer brings to the stage the words of his book dedicated to the poet. There will be accompanying Lucarelli Alessandro Nidi on the piano and the voice of Elena Pau for a musical fresco that traces the songwriting of the time, from De Gregori to Claudio Lolli.

November 10th let’s go back to Snaporaz for The latest legacyby and with Oscar De Summaauthor and actor among the most appreciated of the Italian theater scene, for the story of a double journey, geographical and emotional, a personal story that becomes universal.

Tuesday 22nd November what has now become a classic of literature arrives at the Teatro della Regina, one of the most read books in Italy: Accabadorathe novel by Michela Murgia (Campiello Award 2010) in the director’s version for the theater Veronica Cruciani starring Anna Della Rose.

Sunday 30th November a special event is scheduled which also stems from a hugely successful novel like The street by Cormac McCarthy. Two exceptional protagonists bring it to the stage in the form of an investigation: Massimo Recalcati And Mario Perrottaa meeting between two of the most significant voices of contemporary culture that intertwines styles and themes dear to their writings, to address a topic that is very current and necessary.

Tuesday 6th December the first date dedicated to dance. The choreographer at the Salone Snaporaz Manfredi Perego is measured with Totemic + Rust a reflection on what is created in the antagonism between dark and light through two choreographies that do not generate answers but the possibility of immersing oneself in these moods and being able to dissect them without prejudice. Staged in Totemic Chiara Montalbani.

Tuesday 13th Decemberit is the turn of Always tell him yesa production by Luca De Filippo’s Theater Company for one of the first texts written by Eduardo De Filippo, a lively, colorful work whose protagonist is a methodical madman with a mania for perfection. To direct the Company Roberto wenta director used to moving between cinema and theater, here in his first Edwardian experience.

The new year begins with another classic, Cyrano De Bergeracstaged on January 10but with a theatrical-musical adaptation created and performed by Arturo Cirillo, with reworkings ranging from Èdith Piaf to Fiorenzo Carpi. A song theater, a way to tell the famous and sad love story between Cyrano, Rossana and Cristiano through not only words but also notes.

Back to dance Sunday 15th January with Notre Dame de Paris: the Milan Ballethistorical company among the most important on the Italian scene, brings to the stage of the Teatro della Regina the transposition of the famous novel by Victor Hugo in the version of Stephen DelattreFrench choreographer among the most

Instead, it is the Snaporaz Salon that Tuesday 24th January hosts That voice in the cave of the
Exit company
. In that cave there will be Antigone who, on the occasion of the centenary, will have a
ally, Pierpaolo Pasolini. How will they meet? The appointment is part of the project of
cultural welfare supported by the Emilia-Romagna Region dedicated to the encounter between theatrical art
and the social perception of mental illness, a search for innovation in the field of
rehabilitation and social inclusion.

We stay at the Snaporaz also on February 2 for the dance show Wabi-Sabi / Reva with Sofia
Nappi, choreographer and dancer who has performed all over the world and who brings two to Cattolica
different plays to question our lives.

And with Dr. Nest than the German company Familie Flöz Tuesday 7 February leads to the Teatro della Regina una
form of silent theater that has its strong point in the extraordinary masks of Hajo Schüler, una
surreal clowning that for over twenty years has been a work tool and source of inspiration for
surprising Berlin group.

Wednesday 15th February one of the most important actors of our cinema, Elio Germanoand the musician and composer Teho Teardo they are voice and music to express beauty and approach the mystery, the immense, the unspeakable sought by Dante in the verses of the XXXIII canto of Paradise. Paradise XXXIII is the title of a “popular show without anything being explained” that the two artists will stage in music and words. The visionary direction is by Simone Ferrari and Lulu Helbaek, directors among other things of the Cirque du Soleil shows.

Friday 24 February comes the first date with comedy with Things we wouldn’t have hoped to be able to tell you where is it Guido Catalano And Roberto Mercadini they move between memories, confessions, stories, poems, fables, myths, tears, laughter, loves, hatreds, unbridled exuberance and tones of impeccable sobriety.

It continues with the comic theater Wednesday 1 Marchan evening in which the irony and irresistible nonsense of Ale and Franz they find themselves in Cominciuma light and fun show that also flows on the notes of an exceptional band that pays homage to the great Milanese artists, from Gaber to Jannacci, for a show to be enjoyed in the name of laughter and good music.

Tuesday 14 March the comedy of Aristophanes arrives at the Snaporaz Show with The oldest comedy in the world with which The sandbags interpret The acarnesithe oldest comedy in the world, in fact, written by the Greek author and represented for the first time in 425 BC

We remain in the comic universe Friday 17 March with Paolo Cevoli And I was going at 100 per houra monologue in which the actor from Romagna, starting from the title of the single by Gianni Morandi of 1962, travels a journey in those years imagining to tell his children’s children what life was like when he was a child.

Dance protagonist again thanks to the company RbR dance illusionists that Friday 24 March leads to the Teatro della Regina Canova unveiledan original interpretation of the works of the greatest exponent of Neoclassicism in sculpture, the works of art of the Master will take shape in the contemporary world and Canova will be the guide of this scenic journey for a visionary dancing experience.

Thursday 30 March Celesterosa leads to the Snaporaz Salon The oldest tragedy in the world. Speech on the Persians by Aeschyluswith Silvio Castiglioni, the songs of Marina Moulopulos and the sound designer Gianmaria Gamberini, an exciting monologue in which the audience is led to the Athens of the time, still marked by the war that has just ended.

The 2022-2023 season of the Cattolica theaters closes Wednesday 5th April with the concert dedicated to Franco Battiato that he sees together on stage for the first time Simone Cristicchi And Bitter in We will come back again – from the title of the last piece that the Master gave us – with which the two artists face with grace and respect the mystical repertoire of Battiato, making themselves bearers of the spiritual messages that have made his work immortal.

There Mayor Franca Foronchi: “The city, with the Teatro della Regina and the Salone Snaporaz, presents once again this year a rich program of various shows, able to offer captivating proposals for the different needs of the public. The beauty of theatrical art, its cultural and social value, pushes us to search, from season to season, always works and performers of great depth and fame that encourage even more participation, with particular attention also to the younger generations ” . Adds theCouncilor for culture Federico Vaccarini that “this restart marks the start of a different time for all of us. The theater represents the mirror of a city, fulfilling a precious public function: the presentation of the billboard of a new season marks the start of a new phase in the life of our community. What will come will be a season that will amaze from start to finish, I believe in it a lot as I believe in the importance of the partnership with Ater Foundation which, in close synergy with the director of the theaters, continues to guarantee a cultural proposal of the highest quality. Investing in culture means believing in the development of the entire community with the awareness and certainty of a positive return “.

There Director of the theaters of Cattolica Simonetta Salvetti: “The magic of theater between fun, emotion and dreams returns to Cattolica: the Queen reveals her face and goes on stage ready to tell the most diverse genres of entertainment by offering her audience a roundup of proposals and artists among the most acclaimed and always ready to overwhelm him with the beauty of art. Presenting a new billboard is always a great emotion, full of many expectations and expectations for the confirmation of the choices made, but I am confident, strong in the great passion and energy always lavished at the service of the public’s happiness. The resumption of the season ticket campaign, suspended in recent seasons, also represents a return to the good habits of theater and the signal of a great and definitive restart ”.

The Director of Ater Fondazione Roberto De Lellis: “Amazement, emotion, depth. These are the three key words which – in my opinion – summarize the complexity and richness of the new season of the Teatro della Regina in Cattolica. We have deliberately moved away from the conventions of classical and academic theater to embrace the power of feelings, ignited by the turbulent current affairs we are experiencing. A theater that lives, that laughs, that is moved by being on the side of humanity, among the people, speaking a simple and profound language, understandable and nourishing. A popular art theater that will be able to touch all the languages ​​of the scene, from narrative theater to comedy, from dance to puppetry, from classical prose to contemporary theater. The more than twenty titles on the program will accompany us on a long journey to discover the wonders that the theater, and only the theater, can give us “.

Autumn brings a lot of prose, music and comedy to the Teatro della Regina and the Snaporaz Salon