The most superstitious among us already know their horoscope for 2023 by heart. But did you know that your astrological sign is associated with a color that could well bring you luck during this new year? So without adopting a total astro look, why not opt ​​for a lucky manicure and put the odds on your side.

Overview of your next favorite nail polish colors with Manicurist, the most trendy, clean and green manicure brand to take care of little hands. Follow the guide…

Each sign has its favorite color!

Bright and flamboyant color, symbolizing passion, ambition, courage and adventure, the red joins the fiery energy of the Ramultimate fire sign of the zodiac.

earth sign, the Bull thrives in peace. the green is its color, a symbol of hope, wide open spaces and nature.

Neither black nor white, gray and silver are the fetish colors of Geminireflecting the double mix of the personality of this sensitive, sociable and curious air sign.

Inviting to daydreaming, purity and appeasement, the white accompanies the natives of Cancer by boosting their sensitivity and creativity with positive energies.

Perfect color for this sun sign, the yellow and gold reflect the charm, energy and dynamism of the personality of the lions.

The wisdom and gentleness of the natives of Virgin find themselves in the blue tonescolors of emotions and dreams, also associated with the stability and pragmatism of this earth sign.

One lighter blue subtly accompanies the Balancea sign of air and balance that flourishes in nuance and harmony.

dark colors black or burgundy reflect the enigmatic and mysterious personality of Scorpios who also know how to be direct and frank.

Symbol of spirituality, the purple is the fetish peps color of the Sagittariusan adventurous, epicurean and spontaneous fire sign.

The sweetness of deep browns and reassuring, evoking the terrestrial anchorage of this sign, accompanies the calm, calm and thoughtful personality of the Capricorn.

Independence, curiosity and creativity characterize the Aquarius and its favorite color dark blue synonymous with space, escape and freedom.

As for the sharp blues indigo or turquoise, they accompany the overflowing imagination of Pisces romantic, playful and in search of idealism.

What will be the color of your next lucky manicure?

With more than 50 colors and constant novelties that follow the rhythm of fashion and the seasons, Manucurist invites you to vary the pleasures and shades to wear your favorite color or that of your ascendant, right to your fingertips!

You can even have fun changing colors in the blink of an eye by opting for the Green Flash™ LED varnish. Non-allergenic and dries immediately under an LED lamp, its shine lasts up to 10 plays and it can be removed in 1 minute flat with a mild solvent!

With all this, whether you decide to follow our astros advice, express your creativity or let your emotions guide you in mode color therapyone thing is certain: you will start the year in style!

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Astro-manicure: discover your favorite color to wear to your fingertips?