Around the age of 50, many men with the same openness come to the same conclusions even if the paths diverge.

Mr Dereeper,

I came across one of your videos by chance at the beginning of this year 2022.

I had just joined the discord channel “expat all over the place”

The sincerity of the expression, frank and direct, and the humor caught my attention.

She hasn’t weakened for 8 months.

I spent the last Christmas holidays in a state of particular agitation.

On December 21, 2021, the Prime Minister presented the bill on the vaccination pass to the assembly.

I will not list here the events of the past two years. You explain it very well (the day before yesterday I listened to one of your videos dated August 30, 2019 on the control system and the communist dictatorship that is taking place.)

If your skill in investment is well established, your psychological analyzes are also interesting and resonate with me.

I have listened to a lot of videos and have been sufficiently informed via the internet since March 2020. In total dissonance with most of my friends (graduates), my colleagues and the majority of the population, I can’t get over it..

You are probably right to talk about the emotional quotient of your listeners.

I had an unusual interior experience for 40 days in February, March 1995. Without narcotics I never talked about it. I just turned 52 and have enough perspective today to understand what it’s all about. I have my idea about the coming time.

I had a secular education and a rather Cartesian mind. My father was a math teacher and an engineer at France Telecom.

Spirituality is an intimate subject, but my experience has made me aware of what is taking place before our eyes, or rather this acceleration over the past two years.

Your currency analysis is a powerful vector for reading the course of events.

Following your advice I changed my euros into dollars and francs on a Swiss bank

Our house in Brittany is being renovated

My best friends are dead, the others hypnotized (an evil virus. an evil Poutine), with whom it is no longer possible to argue.

I still have one, who also lives with a lot of cats. Someone enlightened.

Dental surgeon who told me 10 years ago;

“They are able to inoculate us with a disease to tell us that we can be reassured because they have the antidote”…

At this point, you must be wondering where I’m going with this;

Not very far actually. Public opinion is won over to the power of crooks, the collective awakening will not take place. Collective violence is safer. The gendarmerie has just hired and armed 30,000 individuals after a flash training.

Your suggestion to bring together people of good will in one of your videos challenged me a few months ago….

I approached Panthéon recherche and the advice of Loïc Abadie with whom you collaborate… coincidence

I have a Panamanian friend, who lives in Paris…

I’m trying to train myself in investing. Late awakening. I’m a trumpeter by trade and I know the road to becoming a professional.

I run a big risk of losing more than winning with these 200,000 in Switzerland.

In short, I feel, I feel good in the m…

With markets that are difficult to decipher, it will probably be wiser for me to approach your financial institution.

I’m still thinking but it’s a little soft.

Regarding our relationship with women,

I quite like your vision. After 40 years it is not always 4 cartridges but sometimes one or two… we laugh enough with my companion, it’s been 22 years, there has been mayhem but a lot of frankness;”

I stay with your father because he has a little money” she said to our two teenagers (17 and 15 years old) “I will certainly not marry you or another, I told him in the year 2000.

The secret ; be worn out from the start but with great complicity and without too many illusions. It almost never worked between man and woman.

I loved Bangkok. My childhood friend used to go there every year. David insisted on taking me there in December 2007. We had planned to take it easy after 50 years. He had succeeded financially. He put the noose around this idiot before my return from Madagascar.

A pain in the heart. He wasn’t very sentimental.

You must be receiving a lot of emails, I apologize for being a bit long and disjointed. One of your remarks allowed me to mentally evolve on all this international fratras.

“What do we do?…. Do we let the planet rot until the end or do we kill one by one those who want to destroy us?

I’d rather run away”

It doesn’t seem like much, but it was essential. This sentence allowed me to bring down my anger and my indignation.

Sincerely. Best regards

Health happiness.

me it’s this sentence of him that I like

The secret ; be worn out from the start but with great complicity and without too many illusions. It almost never worked out between man and woman

I practice with intensity, but it takes the polygamy touch not to implode in the long term. or else main woman and passing woman in parallel


Around the age of 50, many men with the same openness come to the same conclusions even if the paths diverge.