9th edition of the Fortnight of Equality and Diversity | Merignac

Metropolitan event, “the Fortnight of Equality and Diversity” takes place from November 10 to 27. Committed to the fight against all forms of discrimination, the municipality of Mérignac initiates targeted actions to fight against stereotypes and promote gender equality in the area.

Discover the program in Mérignac:

The Unloving Dictionary – Exhibition

  • When ? From Monday November 21 to Friday December 2, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
    Inauguration on November 22 at 3 p.m.
  • Where ? Maison des Associations de Mérignac, 55 avenue du Maréchal-de-Lattre-de-Tassigny

This is an exhibition around a book-object: the “Non-Loving Dictionary”. This book is the work of collaborative work between women victims of domestic violence followed by the CIDFF Gironde and participating in its support group. The “Dictionary of Non-Lovers” allowed these women to express themselves, to put words to their experiences in the violent relationship, but also to bear witness to their path to getting out of the violent relationship and the work of reconstruction that they lead. It responds to their desire to make the general public aware of the reality of the experience of women victims of domestic violence, and to reach other women victims who do not put these words on their situation in order to help them, to support them.

  • For all
  • Free admission
  • Association: CIDFF
  • With free distribution of copies of the Non-Loving Dictionary

Tied – sensitization and workshops

  • When ? From Friday 18 November to Thursday 24 November
  • Where ? Gisele Halimi College, 2 rue Frédéric-Joliot-Curie

The EX ÆQUO project revolves around 2 awareness-raising workshops entitled “Parity Score” and “Handi’Sensi”. These workshops are in favor of the fight against gender stereotypes and gender inequalities for the first, and the awareness of difference and the inclusion of people with disabilities for the second. EX ÆQUO is an impactful experience that aims to promote living together and fight against inequalities and discrimination, using rugby as a playful mediation tool.

  • Gisèle Halimi middle school students
  • Free admission
  • Association: Concrete Drop
  • Partners: CNOSF, Paris 2024, Rugby au Coeur Endowment Fund

Diversity and musical encounters – concert

  • When ? Friday, November 18 from 7 p.m.
  • Where ? Capeyron village hall, 88 avenue de la Liberation

The Familles Africaines association joins forces with musicians from the Maghreb, including Mostafa El Harfi, and Latin American artists to set the rhythm of world music together and bring people together. An evening with a guaranteed atmosphere! Come, one and all !

  • For all
  • Free admission
  • Association: African Families

Engaged women – exhibition and conference

  • When ? Exhibition: From Friday 4 to Tuesday 15 November – Conference: Thursday 10 November at 8 p.m.
  • Where ? Capeyron village hall, 88 avenue de la Liberation

We are a group of 5 girls who participate in humanitarian rallies in Morocco. We offer entertainment to raise funds to finance projects for children in the Moroccan desert. Discover the exhibition of funded works and the various rallies in which we have participated, and share together around the screening of a film!

  • For all
  • Free admission
  • Association: Gajorabe des Sables

Spirit day and fight against discrimination in high school – animation and training

  • When ? From Wednesday 2 to Wednesday 16 November
  • Where ? François-Daguin high school, 15 rue Gustave-Flaubert

Raising awareness and supporting young LGBTQIA+ people who experience bullying and violence, particularly in the school setting. How ? By wearing purple to visibly show solidarity with young LGBTQIA+ people and participate in an anti-discrimination campaign. Purple corresponds to the spirituality color of the rainbow flag.

Accessible to everyone in the school, each student or adult (management staff, teacher, school life, technical or administrative staff, etc.) can participate by displaying a visible sign, a purple bracelet, a symbol of their commitment against the homophobia and transphobia. In addition to a training program dedicated to the fight against discrimination in high school, “spirit day” days will be organized by high school students.

  • High School / Adult sessions
  • Organization: City of Mérignac, DILCRAH, REAAP CAF 33, COSOG, Department of Gironde
  • Partner: Association Contact Aquitaine

So ! We discuss it and we act – evening theater show, exchanges

Evening show followed by a friendly discussion on LGBTQIA+ equality around a dinner drink

  • When ? Saturday November 26 at 7:30 p.m.
  • Where ? MJC CL2V, 11 rue Erik Satie, Bordeaux

The FAM collective (Fédération d’Artistes en Mouvement) presents “Voilà”, an adaptation of King Kong Théorie by Virginie Despentes. “Voilà” makes our words resonate with the text by Despentes on questions relating to the relationship between women and men and their representations. The Contact Aquitaine association will present and lead an exchange with the artists on LGBTQIA+ issues. All around a friendly dinner drink. We are expecting many and many of you!

  • Everyone from 14 years old
  • Free entry by reservation mjccl2v.fr – accueil@mjccl2v.fr – 05 56 97 40 00
  • Organization: Center for Youth and Culture – Leisure Center of the 2 Cities (MJC CL2V)
  • Partners: The FAM Collective, Contact Aquitaine, MJC CL2V, City of Mérignac, City of Bordeaux, Bordeaux Métropole

The story of Julie who had the shadow of a boy – theater

  • When ? Monday, November 14 at 5 p.m.
  • Where ? Social and cultural center Le Puzzle, rue Jean-Giono

Julie is a charming dynamic child, tender, a little insolent, never short of absurd ideas. They say she’s a tomboy. And now, one morning, his shadow has become that of a boy who caricatures the slightest of his gestures.

  • Young audience (4 to 10 years old)
  • Free entry by reservation: 05 56 12 17 80
  • Association: Like a company
  • Partner: Association Le Puzzle Social and cultural center

Gesticulated conference: woman agrees with the masculine – show

  • When ? Friday, November 25 at 6:30 p.m.
  • Where ? Social and cultural center Le Puzzle, rue Jean-Giono

Why does the masculine prevail over the feminine? Why does “painter” no longer appear in the dictionary? How do I find my place in a world made by and for men? A show that is both funny, powerful and educational, about the French language and its evolutions…

  • From 14 years old
  • Free admission
  • Association: Company One-Woman
  • Partner: Association Le Puzzle social and cultural center

I, you, he and you – dance

  • When ? Friday, November 18 at 7 p.m.
  • Where ? La Glacière party hall, 56 rue Armand-Gayral

Certain moments of life change your future forever; a crossing of eyes with a stranger, a family vacation, an incident along the way, an accident in life… All these moments that become memories rooted in our minds, even in our very flesh.

  • For all
  • Free
  • Association: Klaus Company
  • Partner: Association Le Puzzle social and cultural center

Exhibition on gender equality – exhibition

  • When ? From Monday 14 to Saturday 25 November from 8:30 a.m. to 6:15 p.m.
  • Where ? Social and cultural center Le Puzzle, rue Jean-Giono

As part of an artistic and cultural education project with the Jules Ferry College in Mérignac, the exhibition addresses the issue of gender equality from the point of view of adolescents. Very eloquent, these posters open the discussion around equality between girls and boys, gender, sexism, discrimination against women and the violence of which they are victims.

  • For all
  • Free admission
  • Association: Alifs Association
  • Partner: Association Le Puzzle social and cultural center

9th edition of the Fortnight of Equality and Diversity | Merignac