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Japanese culture: a concentration of spirituality, tradition and nature that have also conquered us Italians



The land of the rising sun, in recent years, has also conquered Italy. There japanese culture carries with it millennia of traditions which enclose a set of values still very present. L’harmony social, respect andeducation towards the neighbor they make gods Japanese a people famous all over the world.

The origins of Japanese culture date back to, about, to 13,000 BC. L’influence of religious traditions shintofrom Buddhism to Confucianismmake this place a place magical and charming. L’Italy began to appreciate theirs culture through souls and manga.

Not only that, many of us have broken up conquer also from stories, landscapes and fantastic characters of animated films Hayao Miyazaki. Also there kitchen has conquered many of ours palates with the sushi and the ramen. A love, moreover, requited and for many years.

For the Japanese Italy has always been one of destinations favorite tourists. Today, with us, there are approximately 8,000 Japanese who live here permanently and, more and more people, yes they approach to this incredible culture through exhibitions, associations and books.

Their teachings they are increasingly becoming part of ours as well daily. The lifestyle recalls what many of us they would like do just. The guidelines for a happy life containmore and more, Japanese words and there they advise to try to observe it from one prospect different.

L’last day of the year is not only about preparations for the big dinnerbut also of balance sheets for the year that is about to pass and of reflections and good intentions for that which is coming. In a post of Instagram of cultureimperditorialthey read 6 concepts Japanese who could do for us and that they might help us to to change our life.

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The first is theIkigai. It is, perhaps, the most important one because points out how important it is for each of us comprehend which is ours scope in life and that gives us the strength to get up every morning. Shikita Ga Nai urges us to to let go what we cannot change.

Wabi Sabi is the ability to find the peace even in what we consider imperfect e Gaman spurs us on to preserve our dignity even in the most difficult moments. Oubaitori teaches us a fundamental concept for to live a peaceful life, and is to not compare us to the others.

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In the end Kaizenwho emphasizes how important it is to improve always and in any area of ​​our life. I am teachings simple things that could make us some people serene and contented. There our culturebased on matter and onappearancemakes this path virtuous a little more uphill, but not impossible to go through.

6 must-know Japanese concepts that will transform your life