5 Unexpected Things That Could Happen If You Consult A Psychic

Embracing your spiritual side can help you when you have uncertainties about your love life, career, and more.

You can also seek to connect with someone who has passed away. In this case, you will want to consult a medium, a clairvoyant who is able to communicate with the spirit world. But whether you have a big question about your life or are looking for a message from beyond, anything can happen during a reading. Scroll down to find out some unexpected things that can happen when you consult a psychic.

1 – Tears are actually quite common.

I like to explain to my clients that I am able to connect to the energies around them and will share whatever comes their way. “, explains Rebecca Schmidt. Whether you are trying to communicate with spirits or simply seeking guidance in your next steps in life, your emotions will likely be heightened when you go to see a psychic.

Rebecca Schmidt says 90% of her clients cry during a session. ” I think they mostly cry because they feel seen, heard, or even just because some of their struggles are brought to light.” , she says. It’s the feeling of not being alone and having that validation – there’s nothing wrong with shedding a few tears!

2 – Your medium can use words or phrases that only you know.

Your psychic may say certain words or snippets that are meant only for you. ” I used phrases that are very familiar to the customer but are not normal for me“, says Inbaal Honigman. She says she once described a client’s child as ” her favorite child during a session and immediately apologized. ” The client confirmed that it was the nickname she gave to her daughter, and that she was not actually the favorite, but that she always called her that as a joke. »

Inbaal Honigman also remembers comparing someone’s partner to a ” pet lion“, which, according to her, “ was just ridiculous, that’s a meaningless phrase, but he was actually a Leo… so the description fit well“.

3 – Background noise can be a sign.

If you are trying to communicate with someone you have lost, the medium is expected to feel characteristics or see images of the person they are trying to reach during the reading. But the surrounding environment can also have significance if the spirit wants to communicate directly with those close to it. ” Sometimes outside sounds like birds or sirens go off in the background while I’m sharing an important message“, says Rebecca Schmidt.

When she relays someone’s message that her customers haven’t specifically requested, they often know exactly who it is. ” Usually it comes to mind right away.” , she says.

Rebecca Schmidt recently had an experience with a client where a yellow bird flew in and started calling while they were talking about an aunt who had passed away. ” My client burst into tears and told me that her aunt’s favorite color was yellow and she had a nickname, the bird” , she says. Don’t be surprised if the person you’re trying to reach uses your environment to message you.

4 – Electronics can interfere.

One of the weirdest things that can happen is if the electronics interrupt a reading. Phones can make noise, digital assistants like Alexa or Siri can start talking, and lights can even flicker occasionally, which can be proof that your loved one is around, says Nancy Mello.

She saw her customers’ phones go dark and once Siri even responded with ” I’m here when a widow asked for a sign from her husband as they read. Nancy Mello does a mix of in-person and virtual readings and has experienced technology disruptions in both. While reading via Zoom, she saw people disconnect from the call or even be muted. All of these interruptions may mean that the person you are trying to reach is present during the session.

5 – Spirits can manifest themselves with different accents or languages.

If you get a reading and seek to connect with a loved one, the psychic may hear their voice in a different language or dialect that somehow relates to their life, even though you do not give him any such information. A spirit spoke to me in Hebrew, I told the client and she replied: ” Yes, my father was Israeli“.

Or you can even give the seer the impression that you are from somewhere else, giving them a clue about your future. ” I’ve often heard people’s voices sound like they’re speaking with a specific foreign accent and it might be an accent they don’t have.“, says Rebecca Schmidt. She recalls a reading where the person looked German, but was actually a local who was transferred to Germany by his company.

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5 Unexpected Things That Could Happen If You Consult A Psychic