5 Hollywood couples who said goodbye to their careers for love

What happens when some Hollywood couples discover their partners are cheating? What are the most famous relationships that have seen their careers end in conjunction with the end of their relationships? But above all, is it right that betrayals affect your career?

Hollywood is often seen as the Mount Olympus of cinema and love. Many actors and actresses have decided to tie their lives, even off the set. Some have even started a family, while others have preferred to give in to the flattery of other men or chase the skirts of young and charming girls.

However, these life choices have not remained in the private sphere, if we think that for some of these artists, even the working sphere has been totally shattered. Let’s find out who it is and what the consequences were.

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck in Hollywood

The breakup between superheroes Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner

As it turns out, of the job categories that can undermine a relationship, nannies are the most dangerous. In 2015 Ben Affleck he was captivated by the charm of the babysitter of his children by the actress Jennifer garner. The handsome Ben in that period, in addition to wearing the role of Batman, thought well of undressing them in the company of the woman. Although his press office denied the rumors of cheating on Garner, to remove any doubt, it was the request for divorce made by his wife.

Unlike other colleagues, despite his career suffered temporary setbacks due to the breakup of the “Bennifers”, thanks to some important Hollywood productions and to his talent as a screenwriter and director, Affleck managed to re-emerge managing to silence the various scandals.

Hollywood does not forgive Jude Law

The actor takes care of opening the roundup of Hollywood men and women who have betrayed their partner Jude Law. To have paid a significant price, it was the man guilty of having betrayed his partner Sienna Miller. To make the whole situation even more compromised and serious, the details of their meetings disclosed by the lover.

For the interpreter of films loved by audiences and critics such as The Talented Mr. Ripley, Back to Cold Mountain And Closer, having the crown of perfect boy snatched from him was a serious blow, also as regards his career. Fortunately, despite the slip-ups, in the end he managed to shake off the scarlet letter and take up his work again, thanks also to the character of Watson in the films dedicated to Sherlock Holmes.

Tiger Woods and love gone down the drain

Let’s face it, remembering names belonging to the world of golf is difficult. Excluding the people who follow him assiduously. An exception to this rule or thought, if you prefer, the champion managed to make it happen Tiger Woods, who became famous for his cheating on his wife. A reputation put in serious difficulty due to the continuous relationships with various women who have come to the surface. It was 2004 when, due to one of his lovers, Elin Nordegenhis status as a devoted man and father was expunged, as was a million dollar contract.

If it is true that we learn from mistakes, this does not apply to Woods, who in 2013 was accused – again – of having cheated on his girlfriend. And just to top it off, in 2017 he was even arrested for being caught by the police drunk and driving.

Hollywood actress Reese Witherspoon

Actress Reese Witherspoon on the Apple TV+ carpet

Woe to anyone who makes Reese Witherspoon suffer

Among the most fascinating boys who became the protagonist of many pages of girls’ diaries around the world, we find Ryan Philippe. As for many of his colleagues, the set was also for him, a convict. In this specific case we are talking about the dramatic and romantic film Cruel intentionsin which the actor played the Latin lover Sebastian and his partner Reese Witherspoonthe sweet and shy Annette.

Their 8-year relationship, followed with affection by their fans, suffered no small repercussions. The discovery of the betrayal against the actress infuriated not only their supporters but also Hollywood. Although the reasons for their separation were labeled as “irreconcilable differences”, the career of Ryan Philippe he was never able to recover, also due to the press that sided with Reese.

Meg Ryan, former Hollywood perfect girl Meg Ryan

At the turn of the 80s and 90s, among the most requested and appreciated actresses, the name of Meg Ryan was always present. Thanks to blockbuster movies like Sleepless in Seattle, When Harry Met Sally, City of Angels and You’ve Got Mail, audiences thought of her as the perfect girlfriend for their kids or the girl next door. A distorted thought when the actress found herself shooting the film Kidnapping and Ransom with Russell Crowe.

Apparently, their love liaison led Ryan to divorce after 9 years of marriage from Dannis Quaid. A choice that cost her dearly in terms of popularity, given that the public condemned her decision. Her declaration by her in which she admitted that her marriage was already ending earlier was of no use to her.

5 Hollywood couples who said goodbye to their careers for love