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Clare Gogerty is now a journalist, author and editor of many mainstream British magazines. With his wonderful book 100 destinations to awaken to spiritualityshe invites us to begin a journey that transforms us to live a deep inner change, to continue our path towards personal development or to improve our self-awareness.

The benefits of spiritual journeys

A spiritual journey is simply a stay that has been specially designed to nourish the body as well as the heart and the spirit. By encountering the greatest spiritual traditions of the world in a very authentic way, the traveler is thus invited to advance in the journey of his personal quest, to experience rituals of ancestral wisdom, to visit incredible places rich in teachings and to exchange with luminous personalities who guide them on this unique path.

If you yourself have ever wanted to undertake a spiritual journey to allow you to immerse yourself in local traditions and live unique experiences in countries known for their thousand-year-old rituals of awakening and elevation of consciousness, n no longer hesitate to leave and test the spiritual journeys of Oasis Voyages which are precisely designed to make you enjoy a unique stay in the most spiritual destinations of all. Initiatory circuit to discover the Mayan rites accompanied by a Mexican shaman, discovery of sacred sites to connect to its divine energy in Peru or spiritual retreat with great masters of wisdom within a monastery in Nepal, the trips offered are many and all have enough to satisfy your desire to awaken your conscience.

Undertaking a spiritual journey is a powerful process rich in lessons that will certainly mark you forever and allow you to advance ever further in your personal journey towards the elevation of consciousness. In addition to this search for a stay or while waiting to be able to leave, it is quite possible to find out quietly about the different spiritual destinations, to get to know them better and to discover the ones that make you want the most with the book 100 destinations. to awaken to the spirituality of Clare Gogerty. This book has been precisely designed to offer ideas for exceptional places conducive to spiritual awakening and a stay rich in meaning.

100 destinations to awaken to spirituality

Whatever your motivation, this book offers travelers in search of spiritual discoveries around the world the opportunity to discover one by one 100 exceptional places of meditation and sanctuaries.

From Mont-Saint-Michel to the temples of Angkor, from the 20,000 temples of Bali to the raised stones of Carnac, from the Iguaçu falls to the road to Compostela, these incredible destinations naturally invite us to slow down, to marvel at so much beauty , to recharge our batteries at the sight of and in contact with these places that tell us about history, myths, legends or superstitions.

This book is presented as a real journey for the soul, and all you have to do is leaf through a few pages or take the time to contemplate the magnificent photos that compose it to let yourself go to let go, see new horizons or everything just get back to dreaming.

It is a magnificent book that will make a very nice gift for travel lovers but also for all those who have not taken a vacation for a long time, who dream of going to the other side of the world but have never really dared so far, who want something new, to slow down, to calm down or simply to discover magical places that deserve to be better known.

For information, the book 100 destinations to awaken to spirituality by Clare Gogerty is available here for €24.90. It can also be a gift for yourself to open your mind and soar to new horizons, if only in thought to start before planning a possible trip or launching, who knows, a exciting new project…

100 destinations to awaken to spirituality, the inspiring book that will make you travel | So Busy Girls