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With the recent emergence that budget cuts were responsible for limiting the potential of Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City, it’s a disappointing sign for fans of the most beloved Resident Evil film of recent years. While the Resident Evil Netflix series alienated fans for a perceived lack of respect for the source material, Welcome to Raccoon City was a more faithful attempt at adapting the massive series.

The fact that its budget was cut even during production suggests a sequel is unlikely, but there are plenty of video game alternatives to try in the meantime. While the Resident Evil games would be the most obvious choice, it’s a few efforts outside of this series that are worth checking out.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human (2022)

Dying Light 2 Stay Human is considerably further along in the timeline of a zombie apocalypse but, set in the wake of societal collapse and a return to the Dark Ages, its sense of atmosphere is n is no less palpable than that of Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon Town. The game’s vast open world is full of tense and bloody surprises.

Just like in the movie, humans in Dying Light 2 Stay Human are rarely more trustworthy than monsters, and it’s up to the player to make the right decisions that will determine the outcome of the game. For a paranoid experience that compels the player to rely on their own intelligence and combat skills to survive, few are better than this game.

GTFO (2021)

While it might not be the scariest action horror game out there, GTFO captures the best part of good old-fashioned combat against terrifying monsters and it’s bloody action that he can produce. While there’s no shortage of suspenseful moments either, the game excels when things are going well.

GTFO is a co-op experience that drops players into a ramshackle research facility called The Complex where they must descend deeper and deeper into a dangerous network of tunnels. Like Welcome to Raccoon City, teamwork is required if everyone is to make it out alive.

Silent Hill 2 (2001)

One of the best things about Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City is how it harkens back to classic horror games, especially the first two Resident Evil titles. There’s only one game from the era that can claim to have done so much for the survival horror genre and that’s Silent Hill 2.

The player is put in the shoes of a character named James Sunderland and forced to survive in a city filled with inventive and genuinely spooky horrors while searching for his wife. Some elements of the game haven’t aged perfectly and will likely be addressed in the next remake, but this is a game that still can’t be beat for all-around atmosphere.

Subway Exodus (2019)

One of the most compelling parts of Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City is watching how the protagonists cope in a city that has become unrecognizable from what they once knew. In Metro Exodus, it’s a similar thrill but on a much larger sandbox scale, and it’s the player who must learn to survive.

Exploration is a key part of Metro Exodus and it’s also where many of the game’s biggest scares come from, as mutated creatures and worse lurk in every shadow. The combat doesn’t let the game down either, being smooth and satisfying enough to feel a sense of real agency even against some of the terrors that haunt its post-apocalyptic world.

Return 4 Blood (2021)

Welcome to Raccoon City confirms the enduring appeal of a group of people coming together in times of crisis brought about by mutated zombie-like creatures. For a game that satisfies that itch perfectly, Back 4 Blood is the spiritual successor to the classic Left 4 Dead titles.

While not everyone liked the changes the game brought to the series, including a deck-building system that seems to complicate things unnecessarily, it ultimately delivers the most important thing and it’s fun. Non-stop FPS. Taking down hordes of zombies is more satisfying than ever, though teamwork is required as the going gets tough.

STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl (2007)

Isolated and trapped in a small area that quickly becomes home to unfathomable horrors, there are few games that better replicate the genre of fear at the heart of Welcome to Raccoon City than STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl, which has done it all way back to 2007. The game’s equivalent of Raccoon City is The Zone, a dangerous irradiated area near the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.

Now The Zone is crawling with mutated horrors and opportunistic human factions that can be just as dangerous. The player’s objective is to take advantage of the valuable resources hidden inside the area as well as simply survive in a world where danger lurks around every corner.

World War Z: Aftermath (2021)

For people who watched Welcome to Raccoon City and enjoyed the sheer thrill of watching a world that once thrived be lost to an overwhelming threat, World War Z: Aftermath might be a great game to pick up. A cooperative shooter inspired by the hit movie, there’s a proper cinematic feel to the game.

This results in striking visuals of notable locations like Vatican City being overrun by zombies and an abandoned cruise ship stuck in the ice and left derelict. The gameplay of World War Z: Aftermath also gives plenty to get excited about with clever gunplay and interesting storytelling making it one of the best zombie games.

Dead Space (2008)

The Callisto Protocol hasn’t quite won over fans following its recent release, but the series it’s associated with has a special place in the horror video game genre. Dead Space might not look much like Welcome to Raccoon City thanks to its futuristic setting of a mining spaceship overrun by deadly monsters, but there’s one major element of the film that it has going for it.

It’s a feeling of paranoia. Welcome to Raccoon City uses paranoia, but it’s something Dead Space takes on and deals with. The game uses the protagonist’s increasingly unstable mental state and constant fear of being jumped by necromorphs or running out of ammo to ensure that the player can never get comfortable.

The Forest (2018)

Whether it’s a serious horror game or a cooperative survival game with friends, The Forest is always an entertaining experience. Centered around the simple idea of ​​having to survive on an island after surviving a plane crash, the game takes in construction, exploration, and real scares along the way.

As with Welcome to Raccoon City, the secrets the player uncovers on the island are most gruesome and add a whole new terrifying survival element to the game. with horrible creatures, multiplayer is the way to go.

Contempt (2022)

For anyone who was less interested in the action of Welcome to Raccoon City and wishes they had turned the gore and atmosphere up to 11 instead, Scorn is a unique horror game from earlier this year. Balancing FPS gameplay with some really tricky puzzles, it’s an intriguing entry into the genre.

Where it excels is in its incredible visuals inspired by the artwork of HR Giger, whose biomechanical designs also influenced Ridley Scott’s Alien. The special effects can let Welcome to Raccoon City down at times, but reflecting where that budget may have been cut in places, Scorn delivers a well-developed, distinctive, and consistently immersive world.

10 Best Video Games Like Resident Evil: Welcome To Raccoon City (That Aren’t Resident Evil Games) | Pretty Reel