Who is Eric Coelho, what does he do and what link does he have with ‘Cachaza’ | The popular

Since the Brazilian Carol Realibetter known as ‘Cachaza’, confirmed the end of their relationship with the reality boy Raphael Cardozo, she has dedicated herself to traveling with friends and visiting her native country, where she took the opportunity to show herself very close to a lover with whom she seems to have a lot of confidence. Below we will tell you everything about Eric Coelho and what link they have.

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Social media exploded upon seeing Carol Reali pose for pictures with eric coelho showing an unimaginable complicity, so much so that his followers could not help but send him hearts and messages of good wishes for his relationship, even before they confirmed that they had one.

Who is Eric Coelho?

His name is Eric Coelho B., is a Brazilian, who appears on his Instagram account as @byericcoelho, where he has 43 thousand followers, whom he always keeps active with the LIVE shows he does and the professional advice he offers. He presents himself as a lover of spirituality and beauty and personal care.

eric coelho is a Brazilian businessman who is living in Peru and has founded the SoulCo brand, which has its own beauty salon called “Soul Suite Salón”, which started in February 2020 and its brand of personal care products called “Soul Organics Beauty Cosmetics”, which was newly created in March 2022.

Through their social networks, eric coelho shows that he is not only passionate about sharing his work, but also that he really likes to exercise and have recreational spaces to visit the beach, a place where he seems to have a good time and reconnect, which is why he repeats it in his photographs where he leaves himself show off

Who is Eric Coelho, what does he do and what link does he have with ‘Cachaza’ | The popular