When the university bends before religion

As historian Frédéric Bastien told in his blog yesterday, an Ontario university removed from its Instagram site a photo showing two lesbians kissing.

Why ? Because the two women we could see in this photo posted online as part of the International Day Against Homophobia each wore an Islamic veil.

And that the image was considered “inappropriate” and “insulting” by some Muslims – including a radical imam who is part of the Council of Canadian Imams.


Imagine if it was Catholic priests who asked the university to take down an image showing two lesbians wearing cross-shaped jewelry kissing!

What do you think the university spokespersons would have answered?

“We will not bow to the homophobic Catholic extreme right! The evil misogynists who are poisoning the Conservative Party! »

But it was Muslims who made the request – therefore, “racialized” people.

We therefore removed the “offensive” image.

So as not to pass for racists, anti-Arabs and “Islamophobes”.

Between religious extremists and lesbians, we have chosen to defend… religious extremists!

For the university, it was more important to “respect” the “sensitivities” of a handful of homophobic religious extremists than the rights of the gay community.

That says a lot about the ideological drifts of the “intersectional decolonial” movement.


So, for followers of the woke movement, a racialized person weighs more than a gay or a lesbian.

Even if the “racialized” person in question is homophobic!

Why ?

Because the color of his skin is more important than his political opinions!

Because for the apostles of decolonial religion, race is the end of the story.

The butt of the butt of the butt.

An Arab man whistles and insults a white woman in the street?

Our woke friends will defend the Arab man!

By saying that this way of approaching women “is part of his culture”!

Faced with the rights of racialized men, the rights of white women are no match!

Do you think I’m exaggerating?

In September 2017, important figures of the French and Belgian decolonial and “indigenous” movement signed an open letter claiming that the criminalization of street harassment was… racist!!!

Elizabeth Brown from the University Panthéon-Sorbonne, Alice Debauche from the University of Strasbourg, Pauline Delage from the University Lumière in Lyon, Eric Fassin from the University of Vincennes-Saint-Denis, Marylène Lieber from the University of Geneva , Marta Escoda from the University of Lausanne, etc.

For these “great intellectuals”, this desire to want to punish men who harass women in the street “poses a problem”.

Because this project targets “the populations who occupy the streets, which often belong to the poor and racialized fractions”!!!!

You read correctly.

A white boss who harasses a woman in an office is a bastard.

But a “poor and racialized” man who does the same on the street is a victim of white patriarchal capitalism!!!!


Got there, admit it, it’s delirium with a capital D.

The kind of madness that we unfortunately teach in our universities.

And who bends our elites.

When the university bends before religion