What to read this weekend: Megan Maxwell, Viviana Rivero and Danielle Steel between 27,900 and 44,900 Colombian pesos

Romantic books for the weekend

The romantic novels they are the undisputed stars of the publishing industry. Positioned at the top of the physical and digital bookstore sales rankings, with millions of copies sold worldwide in all formats, books in this genre have a mantra: love above all things. The loyalty and commitment of their readers are some of the engines of these stories, which generate an undeniable magnet.

Infobae Let’s read proposes a selection of three fundamental books of the romantic novel to start the weekend. And a bonus track safety pin. Megan Maxwell, Danielle Steel Y Viviana Rivero are some of the main referents of the romantic novel, whose views on desire, love, women, mandates, identities, family, obstacles, drama, social and political conflicts, sex and eroticism, among others, make them best-selling books.

“And if we try it...?”, by the Spanish writer Megan Maxwell.
“And if we try it…?”, by the Spanish writer Megan Maxwell.

The books of the Spanish writer Megan Maxwell they are fury maybe for him eroticismthe passionthe sexthe lovethe humor and how he achieves identification with his readers. With What if we try it…? success is the same. In her new novel, recently published, Maxwell narrates in the first person the story of Verónica Jiménez, thirty-eight years old, single, independent and strong, who has had her heart broken since she was fifteen and no man enters her life. her. oh yes, but has rules for relationships and sex: no strings attached, no marriage, and never mix work and play. However, between vineyards on a work trip in the hot summer, he meets Naim, confident, attractive, romantic and sexy.

With a cool story, the best-seller Spanish achieves a funny story in which he loves to build characters that fall in love, good friendships and complicity and love that cross the pages. True to form, the scenes hot that take your breath away and make your imagination fly, swingers couples and different types of bonds are present in this book.

Why read it? Because it is the latest release from this author who is known worldwide for stories capable of raising anyone’s temperature. What if we try it…? It is an entertaining story, with an empowered female character who knows how to express herself and live her sexuality, dream landscapes and men who build fantasies. An ideal book for highly flammable hearts.

“Neighbors” by the most widely read romantic author, Danielle Steel.
“Neighbors” by the most widely read romantic author, Danielle Steel.

Recently Posted, Neighbours is the new book by the American writer and mega best-seller Danielle Steel. considerate the most read author in the world and one of the greatest exponents of the genre, her novels are as expected as they are sold: 900 million copies is the exorbitant sales figure to date. Award-winning and world-renowned, she published more than 200 works with her characteristic stamp.

The author of Wedding dress, lessons of youth Y The kissamong others, brings a story about the unbreakable power of love. Thus, in almost 300 pages, Steel tells the story of Meredith White, one of the most popular actresses in Hollywood, who has lived in isolation in her mansion in San Francisco for fifteen years. But everything changes after an earthquake and she decides to receive and shelter survivors in her house. She there she meets different people and her secrets. And she too will discover something disturbing about her life and nothing will be the same. Tragedy, family, friends, an earthquake, romance and a betrayal are the elements of this novel.

Why read it? Danielle Steel has shaped generations of readers. She knew how to follow a tradition, unwittingly, of what the Spanish writer’s books meant for the genre Corin Tellado. A reading that embraces and accompanies, that generates immediate identification with the characters, that you cannot stop reading. A story where crises generate the ties that most unite us to others.

This is the last novel of the best-seller cordovan Viviana Rivero. In A strong and bright light, the referent of romantic literature narrates a love story that arises in a difficult context: the syrian war. Amid rubble, dirt and dust, the spark will arise between Álvaro Sánchez, an Argentine photographer, the grandson of Syrians, in a hurry, ambitious and with fleeting relationships who captivates with his blonde hair and green eyes, and Salma Al Kabani, woman of the world but at the same time naive and with a marked spirituality, crossed by prohibitions and mandates for being a woman.

Faithful to the style to which Rivero has accustomed us, the more than 600 pages of the novel explore the love, the sensuality, the ancient taboos and the unstoppable force of women united. Cultures, worlds and traditions contrast but their feelings and the signs of destiny guide them.

Why read it? A strong and bright light is one of the great tanks of romantic literature of recent times. A book that accounts for the strict rules to which women are subjected, both in the East and in the West, and invites them to release chains. An history about passions Y dangers in the midst of the horror of war, which shakes paradigms.

The three exclusive stories by Viviana Rivero at Bajalibros.com
The three exclusive stories by Viviana Rivero at Bajalibros.com

Three stories of love, desire and freedom. That is what the Cordovan writer Viviana Rivero proposed when writing these three short stories, which read exclusively on downloadbooks.com. True to its narrative universe, the three books explore love, the secrets of the past, wounds, hope and flavors and, in some, characters already known to their readers. tears of violets, Anne and Gonika Y Gonzalo’s spaghetti they provide stories of great happiness despite obstacles.

Why read them? Because they are unpublished texts of one of the referents of romantic literature. tears of violets It includes the spin-off from one of his best-selling novels: and they left. In Anne and GonikaRivero takes up the characters of What it is not said to tell the story of a special love. And in Gonzalo’s spaghetti build a fable about desire. Small doses of a great writer who makes her readers fall in love.


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What to read this weekend: Megan Maxwell, Viviana Rivero and Danielle Steel between 27,900 and 44,900 Colombian pesos