What to read this weekend: Joël Dicker, Fran Lebowitz and Brian Weiss for less than 500 Argentine pesos

Three proposals to read the weekend.

When thinking of writers and recognized figures, who in turn have become great sales phenomena, Joel Dicker, Frank Lebowitz Y Brian Weiss They are names that stand out. With celebrated global trajectories, these writers are essential to know why they are the most chosen by readers and enjoy their reading.

With three fundamental books of dicker, Lebowitz Y Weiss, Infobae Let’s read proposes a selection to start the weekend from the hand of these essential authors who provide their own perspective on the police genre, daily life and the teachings through alleged past lives.

The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair by Joël Dicker.
The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair by Joël Dicker.

Considered as the consecration work of the famous Swiss author Joel Dicker, The truth about the Harry Quebert case found a new stage of thriller contemporary. The book focuses on the great unknown that moves the story: who killed the young Nola Kellergan in the small town of Aurora, New Hampshire? A young writer writes about the case in which another famous writer, Harry Quebert, is involved. Narrated in three different historical times, 1975, 1998 and 2008, the truth only comes at the end of a long, intricate and exciting journey.

With more than 15 million readers in the world, the author of The Baltimore Book, The disappearance of Stephanie Mailer Y The riddle of room 622, among others, and winner of the Goncourt des Lycéens, the Novel of the French Academy, the Lire, the Qué Leer and the San Clemente awards, explores characters who are not what they seem, with a labyrinthine and accurate style. Published in 2012, with a television adaptation starring patrick dempseryhas not stopped receiving critical acclaim ever since.

Why read it? It is the most representative book of Joel Dickerwho has just released the continuation of this saga: The Alaskan Sanders case. “Thanks to Harry I have found the books. Now I’m leaving in search of love” is one of the last sentences of the book (no spoilers!) that makes the book irresistible. Thanks to The truth about the Harry Quebert casethe reader will definitely find the police novel that he was needing to love books.

“Any Day in New York” by Fran Lebowitz.

The renowned American writer Frank Lebowitz she had a blockage: that of the blank page, since 1990. This New Yorker, known for her acid humor, her view of everyday life and bohemian life, knew -and knows- how to be part of the North American cultural circle. This book is about the reissue in Spanish of his books Metropolitan Life Y Social Studiesunified under the title An ordinary day in New York. This work, published in 2021 by Tusquets, revives those texts from the 1970s as a bonus track from the miniseries Suppose New York is a cityof Martin Scorsese.

Considered the Dorothy Parker modern, Lebowitz mixes in the pages of this book the great elements that define it and position it as one of the most brilliant references in literature: the city of New York and its evolution, apartment hunting, unpaid phone bills, a trip, book signings, sleeping (or not sleeping) at indecent hours, the desire to succeed, drinks with celebrities, good restaurants.

Why read it? An ordinary day in New York It is a sample of mastery and lucidity. With its own marked style, it is one of the recently revalued and published literary gems. A book that describes ironic observations about the Big Apple by one of the most loved and most hated writers. A work of modern art in the form of a book.

Many Lives, Many Masters by Brian Weiss.
Many Lives, Many Masters by Brian Weiss.

The renowned North American psychiatrist, specialist in past life therapy, Brian Weiss achieve with Many Lives, Many Masters A great impact. In its pages you can read the amazing experience that changes his life completely, as well as the meaning of his therapy. Here, one of her patients, under hypnosis, manages to get in touch with her past lives, which allowed her to “heal” certain traumas that she suffered in the present. Through her connection with her Teachers, she receives messages that help her navigate, with wisdom and knowledge, her daily problems.

Do we live in other times? In other lives? Do we meet the same people in different lives? These questions are some of those that are triggered when reading this book, which has become a bestseller since its publication. Many Lives, Many Masters It is a book that investigates spirituality from psychiatry and that dares to focus on stigmatized issues in our days. The book is impossible to put down and forces you to continue delving into regression and hypnosis.

Why read it? With a moving and absolutely captivating story, Brian Weiss, in his first book, manages to merge science and metaphysics in this book. The reader does not leave the same way as he entered the pages of Many Lives, Many Masters, even the most skeptical. a book that It makes us ask who we are, who guides us and who takes care of us from other planes. A transformative book to visit our other selves and know what we come to heal.


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