Week of Fasting and Prayer in the spirit of Saint Hildegard: a retreat to start Advent





Since Santa Hildegarda House We announce that we are once again organizing what will be the third edition of the Week of Fasting and Prayer according to Saint Hildegarda at the Santos Ángeles Spirituality House of the Angelica Sisters in Zaragoza.

This retreat will begin from November 27 to December 3, which coincides with the first week of Advent.
The retreat will take place in a peaceful setting, in the midst of nature: the Santos Ángeles Spirituality House run by the Angelica Sisters.The retreat will take place in a peaceful setting, in the midst of nature: the Santos Ángeles Spirituality House run by the Angelica Sisters.

It will be attended by Dr. Isabel Bellostasan expert in Medicine from Santa Hildegarda, with many years of clinical experience, and with the spiritual direction of a priest of deep Catholic spirituality and friend of Santa Hildegarda.

This year, as a novelty, we will have the collaboration of a Gregorian chanter and organist from Sevillewhich spreads Gregorian chant in the Spanish-speaking world.

In the following link you can consult all the details and fill out the registration form:

This week is aimed at those people who, due to their state of health, physical, psychological or spiritual, need a change in their life.

For Santa Hildegarda, a period of fasting is an opportunity to be able to become aware and know where we are going wrong (in our lifestyle, our diet or in our relationship with the Lord). The Week of Fasting and Prayer is an opportunity to learn how we can change in these aspects and thus be able to have better health in general.

Fasting according to Santa Hildegarda (the doctor who accompanies us will modulate the intensity of the fast according to physical conditions of each person) is based on vegetable soups with different vegetables and spelt (semolina, grains, flakes…), with special infusions for fasting, fennel infusions and what the friends of Santa Hildegarda call “spelled coffee”. According to the needs of each person, there will be Spelt Bread available to the participants.

During this Week of Fasting and Prayer we will have:

Medical accompaniment.

The doctor and the director of the Week will help us:

  • directing the fast hildegardian.
  • explaining the psychotherapy according to Santa Hildegarda.
  • teaching us how heal and detox the body.
  • In the indicated cases, the doctor will carry out a scarification with cupping (not included in the price of the seminar).

Spiritual accompaniment.

A priest of deep Catholic spirituality and lover of Santa Hildegarda will help us:

  • celebrating the mass.
  • With the Worship to the Most Holy
  • With the confession for whoever wants it.

Introduction to Gregorian chant.

A Gregorian singer and organist from Seville, who spreads the Gregorian singing in the Spanish-speaking world through the apostolate of his YouTube channel «Verbum Gloriae» and his website www.verbumgloriae.eswill help us along with his family choir:

  • With singing at Holy Mass.
  • With the introduction to the singing of the canonical hours.
  • With sacred organ music.
  • In moments of adoration to the Blessed.
  • In the discovery of the benefits and wonders of Gregorian chant and its learning through talks and practical workshops.

Therapeutic fasting according to Santa Hildegarda is not starvation or a diet to lose weight; is the conscious avoidance of burdensome foods for a limited time. This gives the body more energy for health-promoting detoxification and self-healing processes, which has a positive effect on the whole organism.

Words of Saint Hildegard on fasting: “For those who are not completely healthy and not yet sick, moderate fasting helps them to regain their health. The healthy should also perform this cure because it gives them health so they do not get sick.”

About 35% of our energy expenditure is used in the processing of daily food. During fasting, the body uses this saved energy to start the processes of detox and self healing. All metabolic processes come back to life, which brings many health benefits. The body has more energy available, the tendency to gain weight and chronic diseases can be alleviated. Therefore, fasting is recommended for almost everyone. If in doubt, you should discuss a fasting cure with the doctor or therapist beforehand.

The quiet environment of the house where the retreat will be held.The quiet environment of the house where the retreat will be held.

Therapeutic fasting triggers healing reactions

By reducing toxins and eliminating metabolic waste, the immune system is strengthened and self-healing forces are mobilized. The fast of Santa Hildegarda also creates free space for mental clarity, soul searching, rest and prayer. Stressed people thus get away from daily stress and gain new energy for greater joy and satisfaction in life. To benefit from the numerous health benefits, it is important to fast properly.

The daily diet in the fasting cure follow this basic plan:

For breakfast:

Infusion of fennel or herbs for fasting or “spelled coffee” and a portion of Habermus (cooked flakes of spelled with diced apple, ground or sliced ​​almonds and spices: pyrethrum, galangal, psyllium and cinnamon).

Half morning:

Infusion of fennel or herbs for fasting or “spelled coffee”.

At noon:

Fasting soup according to Santa Hildegarda (clear vegetable soup with high quality ingredients such as: spelled semolina, spices from Santa Hildegarda and healthy vegetables) and some spelled bread.

In the afternoon:

Infusion of fennel or herbs for fasting or “spelled coffee”.

At night:

Fasting soup from Santa Hildegarda with spices and some spelled bread.

Throughout the day you should drink approximately 2 liters of fennel infusion unsweetened or fasting infusion or “spelled coffee”.

Daily moments of physical activity are important, such as a beautiful walk through nature, Holy Mass and moments of prayer and adoration, as well as being able to dedicate oneself to soul explorationso that the fast according to Santa Hildegarda reaches the desired purpose.

The places are limited and will be reserved in strict order of registration.

All the information and the registration form are available on our website:

If you need more information, you can contact us at telephone 601 30 60 02 from Monday to Friday from 6:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

For those of you who cannot attend, we ask you to join us. with your prayers During that week. We too will have you in our intentions that first week of Advent.

Week of Fasting and Prayer in the spirit of Saint Hildegard: a retreat to start Advent