We are made of love and war; aztec secret revealed

The most recent publication of the book Aztec Secret authored by the famous Mexican renaissance writer Leopoldo Mendivil López is a great work of the paradoxes that our Aztec ancestors faced and that in one way or another are still alive in Mexicans today, gives key information, questions myths, characters, recreates, entertains and helps nurture collective thought for a reunion and strengthening of our roots.


The main character is Nezahualcóyotl who carried the Toltec wisdom inherited from his father and the Mexica war spirit from his mother. His father, Ixtlilxochitl; Emperor of Texcoco, convinced of the Toltec principles and the legacy of love and peace of Quetzalcóatl, sought the unification of the tribes and clans, but was betrayed by Tezozómoc of Azcapotzalco, which led his people to suffer rape, genocide, executions and much suffering. .

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Nezahualcóyotl managed to escape, in his exodus he faced existential dilemmas that detonated his life circumstances. The main one was precisely what was in his blood, whether to choose to no longer fight and wage war, to surrender to a life of self-improvement, spirituality, peace and love, seeking Toltec wisdom or if, on the contrary, he should assume the leadership that his own lineage made possible and he had to gather allies to Texcoco and enemies of Azcapotzalco to wage war.

In these dilemmas, Nezhualcóyotl finds himself with those who strongly claim his legacy from the historical character of Ce Ácatl Topilsin Quetzalcóatl, in those remarks they accuse him of being a coward for not even wanting to give the go-ahead to wage war against those who attacked and massacred to town. And here I make a small parenthesis, although Leopoldo has always exposed the questions to everyone; from the Bible, the Pope, Washington and mainly to the national heroes, in defense of Seakatl, it should be noted that he was someone who at the beginning of his life dedicated himself to making war, the moment in which he renounced it was after a battle in which the armies of Tepoztlán would face the armies of Culhuacán led by Mauyolotl, they agreed that they should not all die, that it would be a battle only between Seakatl and Mauyolotl, in the end Seakatl won. But this did not leave Seakatl happy, because of the great admiration for Mauyolotl’s worth, he decided to leave the war and become a Monk, we could say that he is the only Avatar who became enlightened by killing.

To date we are a product; like Nezahualcóyotl, of that constant duality; that is, to seek peace or integration is a spectacular life aspiration, to find oneself, to live a spiritually full life in harmony with nature, but it is enough for a violent person to disturb that peace and that is when they become empowered and more when the peaceful gave up fighting.

In the end, the God who has reigned since the fall of Ixtlixóchitl in Texcoco is no longer Quetzalcóatl; the god of love, but in the pyramid he was and continues to be Huitzilopochtli; God of War. So, like the most subtle martial arts, you must always maintain love, peace and serenity, but always be alert for the moment you have to go out and fight, to the battle cry to defend a son, a being beloved, nature or your people.

We are made of love and war; aztec secret revealed