Vanina Gramuglia, the “astrologer” of Big Brother 2007: her romance with an ex of Nicole Neumann and her spiritual path in angelology

The entrance of Vanina Gramuglia to Big Brother 2007

Vanina Gramuglia was one of the protagonists of one of the most remembered editions of Big Brother, that of 2007, with milestones that are remembered until today. The consecration of Marianela Mirrahis spontaneous to diego leonardithe takeoff of Claudia Ciardonethe barrage of negative votes for Nadia Epsteinadded to characters like Jessica Teddy gomez, silvina The teacher Schleffer and many others who remain in the memory of the edition that led Jorge Rial.

Originally from Quilmes, Vanina felt a call that told her that she had to enter the house. She had already tried it in the previous edition, the one she won Viviana Colmenero and in which he reached the final stage of the casting. When she was ready to enter, there was a postponement of the dates, which left her as a substitute, and also with the desire. Three years later, she went for revenge and sums up in one sentence what it means to be inside the house about which she once again spoke of the country today. “Big Brother is an experience that allows you to achieve what you set your mind to and also what you don’t set out to do,” she reveals in dialogue with teleshow from Villa General Belgrano, Córdoba, where she lives with her daughter Guadalupe.

When he made the decision to enter Big Brother, Vanina worked in a clothing store and had a clear purpose that went beyond money, fame, exposure and any hint of cholulez. For some time she had been after her brothers on her father’s side, to finish closing a story that was missing too many pieces. Vanina had only met her biological father when she was 23 years old. She there she knew that she had brothers, but that they did not know of her existence. “In those years he did not dare to tell his family that before meeting his current partner and mother of his children, he had had a daughter who was me,” she explains.

Vanina today, more than 15 years after fame

Vanina wanted to give visibility to this story and did not find a better channel than television. “I gave her name, her last name, and later I found out that the production had contacted my brothers to try to get closer,” Vanina reveals from a distance. And when she left the house she received the call that she had been waiting for so much. “They communicated with me through my father’s wife. She was always the one who generated the encounters and speaks of her values ​​and her kindness, ”she recalls. “Today we don’t see each other too often, but we see each other. The one I have a relationship with is my younger brother, ”she admits.

Although she did not have a very long run in the competition, she was the third eliminated, Vanina left her stamp on the house with her knowledge of astrology and spirituality, which she transmitted to her companions. Over time, he understood that this was his final purpose, that in parallel to the search for his roots he was going to have a revelation: “Inside the house I gave my first meditation, there I felt the call and I don’t think it was something casual” , says the writer, who was not such before entering the house.

Vanina and her companions were on the cover of magazines.  Her mother keeps all the clippings from those years
Vanina and her companions were on the cover of magazines. Her mother keeps all the clippings from those years

This is how the transforming experience ends up taking shape. Vanina invites you to travel back in time to the most famous house in the country, 16 years ago, to review that big bang. “They lay in a circle and I gave them a meditation to connect with the angels and with that energy of light. I read them angelic cards ”, she recounts. As for her personal relationships, she formed an initial triangle with Marianela and Nadia, which broke when she left, giving rise to the great confrontation of that edition. And she also starred in one of those moments that remain in the memory, when she accompanied the Teacher Silvina Scheffler to the confessional in the middle of a crisis due to the shortage of skin care creams.

The Big Brother 2022 promo with Vanina Gramuglia

As happens in every media frenzy, when Vanina left the house, she took her knowledge of angelology through television programs, and caught the attention of the very same Susana Gimenez, who received her in her living room along with other reality show participants. She went to the floor intruders, where he guessed the future for Jorge Rial, for a time he worked in the production of and even dared to be a notera. But she immediately turned off the lights on the TV, put the focus on writing and began her path that took her away from the spotlight but with which she traveled the world spreading her spiritual knowledge.

life after fame

when he left Big BrotherThanks to Telefe, he got a contact with Editorial Devas with which he published three books. “The three editions of ten thousand copies were sold out and that was the beginning of a path that continues to grow,” says Vanina with gratitude regarding his experience. “To this day that is my source of work, I work giving spiritual workshops, sessions where I connect people with their soul destiny, with their spiritual purpose in this world. And I give them tools so that, through the connection with the angels, they can develop their spiritual potential”, she adds. On her Instagram, @vaninasousagramuglia, she shares reflections and activities on the matter, which intermingle vegan recipes, another of her activities.

Vanina with her daughter Guadalupe in Córdoba, the landscape she adopted for her life
Vanina with her daughter Guadalupe in Córdoba, the landscape she adopted for her life

Little was known about her since she left the house until in 2014 it emerged that she was in a relationship with Nacho Herreroa musician who also had a media story behind him: a remembered romance with Nicole Neumanwhich became known when they were photographed red-handed in 2004 on the beaches of Punta del Este, barely covering themselves with a sarong after playing a guitar.

The image generated a scandal in show business since she had a four-year relationship with the businessman Matias Liberman. The point is that in March of the following year, Nicole and Nacho got married with an impressive party at the La Candelaria ranch, with a good part of the entertainment world. However, the story lasted just over a year. In mid-2006, the model met Fabian Cubero in a production of photos, and even though both were in a relationship, they began one of the most mediatic romances of recent times. The separation was even more scandalous than the previous one, and little has been heard from Nacho since then.

Vanina Gramuglia with her ex, Nacho Herrero
Vanina Gramuglia with her ex, Nacho Herrero

The writer and the musician met in 2014 and their spiritual searches took them to the mountains of Córdoba where each one connected in their own way with their artistic expression, far from the lights of show business that they had known how to experience. “Encounters where the soul shines in unison… and Love grows bigger in the Universe”, according to what they said on their social networks, where nature was the great protagonist. The mountains as a backdrop, spirituality as a guide and community life as an experience. And in 2017 Guadalupe was born, to enlarge the family.

As part of this search, they lived for a couple of years in an ecovillage in the community umepay, in whose holistic center they did the retreats and also worked virtually on meditations and therapies. They took the next step towards Villa General Belgrano, where Vanina now lives with her daughter, after her recent separation. “With Ignacio our role as parents connects us. We haven’t lived together for two months and our bond is through Guada, which is the fruit of our relationship, ”she says.

An experience for a lifetime

More than fifteen years have passed, and in the distance, Vanina continues to keep the best memories of her days in the house. Those that are activated from time to time, like when she was seen promoting the return of the reality show. “Seems like yesterday. Big Brother is back and hopefully it will be as fun as our GH 2007 ″, she wrote on her social networks along with the aforementioned video with the Teacher. And over the months, she is up to date with the vicissitudes of this edition, as popular as the one in which she participated. “I follow her a lot on social media. I loved the idea of ​​the family coming in, that brought something different and positive for both the participants and the program”, she says, updated to the day. And in these decisive instances of the competition, she exposes and justifies which is her favorite participant.

Vanina with Juan Expósito, ex-partner from Big Brother and friend for life
Vanina with Juan Expósito, ex-partner from Big Brother and friend for life

“The one that comes to me the most is frames; because of his family, his way of being and because his role in the game is positive, ”he argues. “He is a healthy person and he is the reflection that we need as a society, someone with values ​​and a healthy coexistence”, she affirms. And he says what can consecrate him as a winner. “He has a clear and firm personality part of him and an empathic part of him. I don’t know what people will vote for, or what reference they are looking for, but I would go that way, that of fair play and being able to live together in the midst of adversity”.

Of his former colleagues, the one with whom he remains in contact the most is Juan Expositohe cordovan, the finalist of that edition, with whom he projected a brotherly relationship outside the house. He accompanied her on her first trip to Spain, they toured Europe together and recently they appeared together again on social networks. “There was a good bond with everyone, I speak often by phone with Teddy. We always really want to see each other, we can’t always, but when we talk we connect right away, ”she admits. “What I take away from this experience is that many groups of friends came out and we all have a nice memory of having visited the house.”

Because friendship, anecdotes, nostalgia and gratitude are other things that Vanina took with her from the 20 days she was in the house that materialize in the newspaper and magazine clippings that her mother treasures. “I went to meet my brothers and he gave me more than that. I didn’t go with the idea of ​​being a writer, but Big Brother es presents you with a stage with a window so that you can manifest the things you want. And in my case, everything was positive”.

Vanina Gramuglia with Marianela Mirra, winner of GH 2027
Vanina Gramuglia with Marianela Mirra, winner of GH 2027

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Vanina Gramuglia, the “astrologer” of Big Brother 2007: her romance with an ex of Nicole Neumann and her spiritual path in angelology