This terrible story can only be heard in the Swedish forests

Visit Sweden has pulled an abracadabrant story out of its hat that you can only hear if you venture into the depths of the Swedish forests.

Visit Sweden, the Swedish tourist office, is used to lavish creativity in abundance in its advertising campaigns. On one occasion this organism had, for example, the occurrence of advertise each and every nook and cranny of Sweden on Airbnb and more recently explored the places that were hidden behind the unpronounceable names of IKEA products. Visit Sweden’s latest campaign, born in the heat of Halloween, puts a horror story under the spotlight that can be heard only and exclusively if the interested party takes the trouble to travel to Sweden.

Swedish horror writer John Ajvide Lindqvist (author of the famous novel Let me in) has given birth to “Kiln”, an abracadabrant story that is set in the lush and gloomy forests of Sweden. The story invites those who listen to it to follow in the footsteps of a character who runs into a huldra, a nymph who lives in the Swedish forest, face to face in the depths of the forest.

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The story in question can be heard, yes, only and exclusively if the listener is present in a Swedish forest, as Visit Sweden has applied geographical restrictions to the story. Even so, and until today, Monday, the story can be heard in English. on this website. But after October 31, it will be necessary to travel to Sweden to be able to listen to it.

“At a time when the whole world is obsessed with fantasy and spirituality, it seemed appropriate to invite tourists to experience first-hand the depths of the Swedish forests, which are filled to the brim with myths and mysteriesexplains Tom Beckham, chief creative officer of the Stockholm branch of Weber Shandwick, the agency that signs such a terrifying listening experience for Visit Sweden.


Advertiser: Visit Sweden
Agency: Weber Shandwick
CMO: Nils Persson
Chief Executive Officer: Jennie Missuna
Project Manager: Helena Salomonson
Project Manager: Lisa Voltaire
Head of PR: Viveca Burkhardt
Head of Web/SoMe: Malin Careliusen
Brand Manager: Robert Hedlund
Social Media Manager: Anna Hjerdin
Site Manager: Helena Lundberg
Client Director: Malin Severin
Project Manager: Cecilia von Beetzen
Project Manager: Elisabeth Avrotin
Chief Strategy Officer: Amanda Engström
Creative Director: Hanna Belander
Art Director: Felix Holfve
Head of Insight: Edward Boethius
Digital and Content Specialist: Fredrick Lewandowski
Creative Director: Petter Lublin
PR Coordinator: Ella Stork
PR Specialist: Daniel Wahlström
PR Specialist: Elin Dahlstedt
Activation Specialist: Maja Ekman
Film Producer: Samuel Hahn
Motion Designer: Alex Zeeman
Senior Designer: Kalle Mattson
Global Chief Creative Officer: Tom Beckman
Chief Creative Officer: Angela Mears
Executive Vice President Media Relations: Meaghan Jones Koppel
Executive Vice President Influence: Mananya Komorowski
Vice President Production: Kirsten Slotten
Director Platform Strategy: Kareya Saleh
Media Relations Manager: Hannah Jones
Junior Associate Influencer: Matthew Keith
Production Company: Bleck
Production Manager: Maja Lobas
Production Manager: Johan Falkman
Photographer: Johan Wennerström
Director: Marcus Svanberg
Media Agency: Mindshare

This terrible story can only be heard in the Swedish forests