These are some of the most anticipated books in Mexico for the start of 2023

The most anticipated books in Mexico 2023
The most anticipated books in Mexico 2023

The first month of 2023 is almost over and with it, the desire not to let time pass without reading. If you still don’t know which book to start with, in this note we tell you what publishers in Mexico are preparing for the coming months. Below, you will find a list of the most anticipated titles about to land, selected by Infobae Let’s read. There is a bit of everything, texts by filmmakers, novelists and even life testimonies, such as the memories of the prince harry.

"cinema meditations" by Quentin Tarantino
“Film Meditations” by Quentin Tarantino

The stamp Reservoir Booksbelonging to the publishing group Penguin Random Housewill not only bring translated into Spanish “in the shadow”is also close to launching “Cinema Meditations” of the consecrated director Quentin Tarantinoa text in which he recounts some of his passages as a non-fiction writer.

In the pages of this title, translated by Carlos Milla Soler, tarantino makes use of the narrative resources of the essay, film criticism, narrative reporting and film theory, to analyze several key films of the American cinema of the seventies, which were significant for his career. Most of these works were seen by him in his earliest childhood, from the most violent to the most torrid.

"The archipelago theory" -Alice Kellen
“The Archipelago Theory” – Alice Kellen

This is the most recent book by the successful youth writer alice kellen. A novel that narrates a love story in which the writer raises the question about the need for company, despite acknowledging that “we are all islands.”

In “The theory of the archipelagos”, the Spanish writer wonders, if we come to this world alone, is the departure exactly the same? The title will arrive in Mexico at the hands of Planet Publishing Group.

While exploring why we need to have other islands next door to feel happy in this sea that is so intent on pronouncing separation, alice kellen is in charge of reflecting on the feelings and emotions of love, with metaphors that evoke small islands with few palm trees, a beach, which see their peace threatened by the appearance of other volcanic islands with caves and flowers.

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 "The prison in winter" - Hector Manjarrez
“The prison in winter” – Héctor Manjarrez

The publishing label Wasis preparing the arrival of the new novel by Hector Manjarrezin which he narrates the life of a young Mexican who at the end of the seventies arrives at Barcelona with the plan of visiting the places occupied by the poetry of Antonio Machado. However, the police stop him and confine him in a small prison, behind the medieval walls of Burgos.

In that prison, the young man will live with criminals of all kinds, who in different ways are permeated by the cruel obscurantism of the Spain fascist. Between the bars he will learn to live with cowards and reckless, expansive and slippery, lucid who plot and madmen who scream, convulsed characters, but touched by the grace of humanity and the obscurantism of Frankthe dictator who sometimes seems decrepit, but other times, eternal.

"Religious history of Russia and its empires" -Jean Meyer
“Religious History of Russia and its Empires” – Jean Meyer

This book, published under the imprint of XXI centurywritten by the historian Jean Mayer, presents a journey through more than a thousand years of the Churches present in “all the Russias”, from which it found its seed in kyivuntil the one who lived with the soviet regime. From the inheritance of the glares of constantinople until the one that was forced to live in hiding.

Baptized at birth in the Catholic, Apostolic and Roman Church, anointed during his youth in the Orthodox, the author makes a stupendous synthesis of the immense bibliography that has addressed this human adventure in a very personal way. In “Religious history of Russia and its empires”Meyer carries out a slow x-ray of Russian spirituality, from the 10th century to the fall of the Soviet Union, an exceptional spirituality that at different times allowed people to overcome the yoke of authoritarianism.

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In this book, the Argentine specialist and writer Lu Cicciais in charge of questioning, from a gender perspective, the production of scientific knowledge and, through a series of arguments, seeks to invalidate the binary categorization of bodies.

The author seeks, as the subtitle indicates, to present the way in which science put the binary in our brains and how feminisms can help us get out of there. Everything under the magnifying glass of this doctor in gender studies from the Buenos Aires’ University.

In “The invention of the sexes” ciccia it explores everything from cognition and behavior to the biomedical field, and emphasizes the consequences that the androcentric perspective has had and is having on the description of what diseases are, how and who they affect, and how they are treated. The title of Lu Ciccia arrives to Mexico under the editorial seal XXI century.

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These are some of the most anticipated books in Mexico for the start of 2023