The spiritual beings of The Rings of Power: what are the Valar or the Maiar

When a premiere What The Rings of Powerinspired by the huge legendarium of Tolkienit is easy that, if you do not know in some depth the characters and events that go back to the creation of the same universe, you are more lost than a dwarf in an elf convention.

Today, at Hobby Consolas, we are going to focus on the Ainursince its relevance in all the events that resonate in burn (the world where almost all of Tolkien’s stories are set), is immense.

To understand the nature of the Ainur we must go far back in time, before the world itself existed, Sauron either Galadriel. Ero, also known as Ilúvatarthe unique god of creation, created, from his imperishable flame, numerous spirits that would be known as the Ainur.

These spiritual beings received the mission of create beautiful songs with which they would express the shape the universe (Eä) and the world (Arda) would have. The intro of The Rings of Power evokes the moment of the Great Music of the Ainur.

The Valar: the rulers of the world of The Rings of Power

From among the Ainur, Ilúvatar chose fifteen that he sent to Eä to shape the world that they had described with their music, that would become the Valar. However, one of them Melkorwho had already shown his vile side during the musical themes (it’s that oil slick from the opening sequence of the series), went astray.

That Valar, Melkor, ceased to be considered as such, and has since adopted the name of Morgothwhich has been heard in the series of Amazon Prime Video.

you also we developed a bit the history of Morgoth in his own articlesince it is the Ainur that, in the long run, will have the most importance in Arda in general and in Middle-earth in particular.

With this chain of events, there were fourteen Valar who, despite lacking sex, were grouped into female and male genders according to their temperament.

The Maiar: Servants of the Valar

The lesser Ainur who were sent with the Valar to assist them in the creation of Arda They are known as the Maiar.

However, considering the Maiar as “weak” would be a disastrous mistake. In fact, one of the most powerful Maiar is well known to all: Sauron.

Maiar’s number is indeterminate: Tolkien never established a concrete number of them. Sauron was a Maiar linked to Aulë who responded to the name of Maironbut was corrupted by Melkor and turned into one of the great evils of the world.

The one who would become the Lord of the Rings was not the only Maiar dragged into the shadows by Melkor. Other Maiar, fire spirits to be exact, would give way to the infamous Balrogs. that wreaked havoc during the First Age of the Sun.

When Sauron’s threat to Middle-earth became final, the Valar they would choose five Maiar to be sent to Arda and face the evil that loomed. These Maiar were known as the Istarialthough the world knew them as magicians, whom we will develop these days in their own article, because they deserve special mention.

As you can see, although many aspects of the history of The Rings of Power and of The Lord of the rings appear “earthly”, the evil of the world itself, as well as many of the forces that combat it, have divine origins.

The Ainur shaped the world in their time, and in some ways continue to shape this world in more ways than one.

The way of Galadriel and company in The Rings of Power seems long and rugged. This Friday the adventure will continue in the premiere of the sixth episode on Prime Video.

The spiritual beings of The Rings of Power: what are the Valar or the Maiar