The rise of spirituality

In recent times it has awakened a greater attraction that points towards spirituality, towards the most subtle feelings of the human being. Naturally this is not new for the human race but it arises from different factors associated with the current pace of life. The stress of the daily speed; the vortex of meeting goals under excessive pressure; having met social parameters and feeling empty; the heavy emotions that are carried on the shoulders; recurring thoughts dragging fictitious scenarios; etc. These, like numerous other causes, make evident that inner dissatisfaction that the human being continually tries to fill. We can also add the natural and historical proposals that we make as a race and that come to the fore now more than ever. Who am I? That I am? What am I on earth for? Questions that point beyond the superficial, beyond what we take for granted as reality. Why? Because we realized that material things cannot fill the immaterial, although this does not imply blindly believing what they tell you. That model of spirituality is no longer necessary at this time. In fact it never was.

Current spirituality leads to reconnecting with yourself, beyond the layers of characters that you have put together to move in the environment that surrounds you. Current spirituality takes nothing for granted if you don’t check it out for yourself, if you don’t experience it.

Questioning, without blame, the established models passing them through discernment. It is no longer necessary for anyone else to interpret or intercede for you, because you are responsible for your path. And, as a unique and subjective person, your path is unique and exclusive. All this points to the fullness of life, fullness that goes beyond momentary and circumstantial happiness. Fullness of life that allows peace to be maintained even in the midst of storms. But how do you realize what your path to that fullness is? The first step is simply to follow that path that has a heart. In every decision you make every day there are several alternatives, but many of them do not lead you to the satisfaction of living fully. What happens is that the choices you make are loaded and conditioned by conscious or unconscious mental patterns, the latter being the most dangerous. However, it is possible to become aware of what kind of decisions do or do not bring you closer to the fullness of life. How? Firstly asking yourself: does this path have a heart? Does it lead to the fullness of my life? Is it possible to go through that path? The power lies in the question, but the effort is focused on breaking the autopilot gridlock we live with. That awakening is key, realizing the moment in which you wonder if that path has a heart and obviously continue towards that fullness of life. It is possible, it depends on you.

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The rise of spirituality