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At our LITERARY COFFEE TABLES come…surprising PROPOSALS of all KINDS…but if they come recommended by the SEAL and QUALITY CONTROL of ANDREA HERRERA; a SMART and INTELLIGENT character within this exciting WORLD of LETTERS… the THEME is already transformed into an excellent SOUND that begins to take on the appearance of a SCORE with TONES worthy of an OPERA presented in some beautiful Italian-type THEATER anywhere in the GLOBE EARTH…

If this ANALOGY brings us closer to the heartbreaking SYMPATHY, as expressive as her IMAGE & WAY of BEING… of the Venezuelan writer LADY Mrs. MARY VIVASwho as OPENING gives us…

“A message from my keyboard:

The most difficult thing for me when writing this book was trying to explain stories with simple letters. complicated, gloomy, painful and incredible trying to unite them to the most powerful feeling: ANDhe TOdie. hstories that I embodied in more than one hundred and eighty pages of: The Return of Adonalis.

wroter in leaves darkened by the shadow of sadness and laziness that embraces a country not is easy, I stumbled across so many feelings for that situation so hard to accept and understand; how is: the descomposition social, economic and political that involves a country falling apart.

The day I decided to give life to Adonalís in Venezuelan territory, I felt that I had to neutralize my resentment towards that regime that has destroyed my country. Dose in my heart andhe feeling youl intentional, becoming siblings intolerant and enemies.

In this way I want to thank all those people and situations that they taught me to balance those concepts and feelingswhile writing this book. I learned to know the background of some human beings who, although let’s have a differenceyes in concepts, religion, habits, customs, education and ideologies I could hear themwhile that No I interposewent before your opinionalthough I do not share itwould go. Today I understand that can happen situationis that they are more in substance than in form, and that only God and the learning we will get of it will make that let’s seethe light of peace and love at the end of the tunnel.”

Below is a small piece of The RETURN of ADONALÍS…

That morning Adonalis woke up earlier than usual. Disturbing thoughts had not let her rest. The omens, the anxiety, the urgency of that sudden trip of hers made a whirlwind of situations spin in her head that prevented her from managing her emotions. She bumped into everything and the feeling that something was missing for her to pack forced her to walk on her axis several times.”.

A TESTIMONY full of a DEEP feeling… of a high-pitched SHOUT inviting you to get to know him through his PEN and that subtle, elegant and moving CONTENT that WILL surely INTEREST you at least to be able to LOCATE YOU among this NEW MOVEMENT of WRITERS who without HESITATION will have a preponderant space in the nearby BOGOTÁ INTERNATIONAL BOOK FAIR. FILBO 2023…NOVEL that says more or less like this…ADEITHERNALÍS returns to Venezuela after five years. He had gone into exile after his boyfriend Asdrúbal – a student leader who fought in the streets against the Chavista regime – was assassinated. Upon arrival, his aunt Tata has bad news for him.

Justino is a young man raised in a humble family that follows the doctrine of Hugo Chávez. Although he believes in social justice, he doesn’t want to be treated like a sheep. His boss will assign him a disturbing task.

adonalis and Justino meet in a government office and fall in love. Can love overcome the ideological abyss that separates them? Both will have to make a difficult decision…

After dabbling in autobiography in My Fat Fat Memories and in the romantic fantasy in Home anandaMARY presents a work that combines both genres in The RETURN of ADONALIS..: A love story that takes place in a country that is falling apart.

The image that MARY VIVAS; (1960 -Miami, USA – Caraballeda-Venezuela); Combined with the written word and creativity, both contribute to approach the content of a book in an original and very complete way, making it more accessible, beautiful and dynamic. For this reason, he will present his third book and second novel in this upcoming FILBO ’23…

For her every life is exciting, every story is incredible, every story has its curiosities depending on the way you look at it and how it is told. He enjoys life lived so much, that he keeps a notebook or memorizes what he sees turning it into written pages, leading to a story worthy of reading.

in his book My fat fat memories, very well portrays her awakening to the possibility of accepting Morbid Obesity as something normal and narrates the rescue she made of herself at that time before regaining an ideal weight, MARY bravely reveals her stories hidden under the folds of obesity.

His second book and first novel Ananda House, was the key that opened the door to the narration of a beautiful magical realism, interweaving each character with threads of real experiences and fantasies. The reader navigates in a scenario of love, spirituality, mysticism, life itself, fear. the synchronicity of Ananda House and the Camino de Santiago invites you to feel each step narrated there.

The RETURN of…MARY tells us:

The day I decided to give life to ADONALIS in territory Venezuelan, I reflected on my resentment towards that regime that has destroyed my country; then i faded the nuances of my soul, I joined indivisible bridges, I relocated legends and fractured fear to be able to write on each page the reality of space, the dream of a land and the belief in love”.


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The RETURN of… | Blog The Spectator