Tarot and Astrology: Which Tarot card represents the energy of Sagittarius?

On November 22 begins the Sagittarius seasona sign that will be influencing the energy that will be available and that will lead us to reaffirm our beingsee the brighter side of life, with a lot of optimism and expansion of who we are.

Thus, It is a period of greater prosperity compared to the previous one of scorpiowhich led us to question and to a rebirth, for which the archer invites us to reaffirm this reborn personality, that we exhibit it in its entirety, regardless of whether it means exaggerating in certain aspects.

Although there are many descriptions that we can make of the Sagittarius season, to give you a clearer look at it We will tell you what is its equivalence with a card from the Major Arcana of the Tarotwhich card would you associate with the description given above?

Tarot and Astrology: Which Tarot card represents the energy of Sagittarius?

So that you can live a more integrative process and understand the energies of the sign of the archer, we tell you here about the astrological period of Sagittarius and its equivalent in the Tarot cards.

The card that best represents the energy of this period is Arcanum XIV, called Temperance. This letter tells us about harmony, health and refers to the alchemy of specifying or establishing certain characteristicswhich also calls for the astrological period of Sagittarius.

Different versions of The Temperance. From left to right: Rider Waite Smith, Marseille, from the Magical Cats, from Fuego.

Among the meanings that this letter has, it tells us about a strong connection with spirituality, healing processes, abundance and reaffirmation of who we arein a process of integration of all aspects, regardless of whether they are positive or negative.

This is represented by the two glasses that the main character has in each hand, between which a liquid flows. This represents to us the integration of the emotional world with all its ambivalence, since they are all part of the human experience. Thus, the Scorpio period usually shows us the feelings and Sagittarius tells us that we must accept them.

then this It is a period of great spiritual and philosophical connection, something fundamental of the Sagittarius energy, which in the cards is depicted in the angel that stars in the letter. This winged being is an ally being that accompanies us in the process of acceptance of being and that invites us not to forget the transcendental of life.

In the case of the Mystic Cats Tarot, although we do not observe the angel, we do we find a rainbow, which within the Old Testament of the Christian religions represents the pact between God and humanitythus reinforcing the sense of spiritual connection.

However, also tells us about a period of celebration, joy and a triumphal arch after a complex periodjust as the month of Sagittarius reminds us, for which it also you have to connect with abundance, which is represented by cornucopias in the Fire Tarot.

Furthermore, in this last deck a hummingbird appears, a bird that is related to the messages of spiritual beingsbut what their wings also remind us of the desire for freedom that Sagittarius haswhich is reinforced in the wings of the other cards, since there will always be an adventure to live, just as the cat presents it when walking along the narrow edge between the waves.

A) Yes, These four versions of the letter tell us about Sagittarius: a search for freedom after the recognition and appropriation of one’s own characteristics, both negative and positive, to live a process of abundance and reaffirmation of being.

Lastly, remember that the zodiac sign belongs to the Fire element, which in the Minor Arcana of the Tarot is related to the Wandswhich represent family and friends, as well as the path to self-affirmation and obtaining personal confidence.

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Tarot and Astrology: Which Tarot card represents the energy of Sagittarius?