Spotify unravels the cover of ‘La Emperatriz’ by Rigoberta Bandini in an audio guide commented by the artist herself


‘La Emperatriz’, Rigoberta Bandini’s first album, includes twelve tracks covered by a cover loaded with artistic connotations with the image of the artist herself as the epicenter, an artistic work by Pedro de Madrazo that serves both to emphasize ideas and to launch hidden messages .

With the aim of “listening to the cover”, Spotify, together with Media.Monks, wanted to pay tribute to it by creating an audio guide to explain all its elements through a ‘podcast’ on the music platform.

The album, presented on October 7, is hidden behind an oil on canvas by the artist Pedro de Madrazo, inspired by the work of Giovanni Battista, with a classic and academic style that breaks with the appearance of images taken out of context but with great references to the imaginary of Rigoberta, according to the creators of the audiguía.

To give voice to this experience, Spotify has collaborated with El Arte Pop as a narrator, making him the common thread of the experience.

The other key piece of the audio guide is Óscar Manrique, art expert and researcher at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Madrid, who has developed the content of this audio guide providing artistic references and reflections on each of the elements.

In the guide itself there is no lack of Rigoberta’s voice, which has included more personal explanations on the cover; as well as the artist of the work himself, Pedro de Madrazo, who reveals the details of the technique and the creation process.

To amplify the idea, Spotify has turned the streets of Madrid and Barcelona into a museum by placing the album cover on several walls, where fans can listen to the explanation of each element by bringing their mobile closer to the work using QR codes.

With the Audioguide of La Emperatriz, Spotify wanted to amplify the launch through an innovative experience that offers a new perspective from which to continue enjoying the artist’s first album.

Throughout eleven pills that are around two minutes each, the audio guide aims to unravel all the secrets and hidden messages on De Madrazo’s cover.

Starting from ‘Los Angeles’, the podcast reviews the importance of ‘Nico’, his son represented by an angel, “the main element that surrounds Bandini’s universe, but without dominating it”.

‘La perra’, “idea of ​​protection elevated to the divine”; or ‘Caillou’, who takes center stage on the cover for being the first character that Bandini embodied in her role as a dubbing actress, are also part of this installment.

The “connotation of freedom and courage” of ‘Las Gaviotas’; the hidden message of ‘Too many drugs’ that “talks about past times”; and a chapter commented by the author of the cover under the heading of ‘Technique’ to explain the creative process also shape this particular audio guide.

To finish, ‘Tabaco’, –a pack of Marlboros with wings as a “counterpoint to pop spirituality”, in Rigoberta’s own words–; and ‘La Teta’, “one of the most valuable values ​​on the cover”, put the icing on the cake for a fleeting audio guide that tries to explain the compositional process of one of the most original covers on the Spanish market in 2022.

Spotify unravels the cover of ‘La Emperatriz’ by Rigoberta Bandini in an audio guide commented by the artist herself