“Pálpito 2”: What to expect from Tomás and Samantha in the new season? Julián Cerati tells us exclusively

It is unusual to hear an Argentine, one of those sarcastic ‘cancheros’, doing a Colombian, Mexican or simply a neutral accent, but Julián Cerati is the exception. The young actor has been reaping triumphs outside his country and with the help of streaming platforms such as Disney+ and Netflix. For a few years, the sets of Colombia welcomed him to act in series like “Chichipatos” and “NOOBees”. But none compares to the triumph in terms of audience of “Pálpito”, a production also by the giant of the letter N, which just released its second season in April.

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“I am one of the actors who likes to compose. Since I was a child, I also liked to imitate voices”, says Julián Cerati to El Comercio’s Saltar Intro during a virtual interview. He immediately cuts off his comment and spreads praise for Peru. “Every time I hear the Peruvian accent, I remember (Peruvian), with whom I made the Colombian film ‘Misfit’. I love her so much. I never went to Peru, but I would love to. It would be very interesting to go to work there, ”she adds.

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“Misfit” is an Ecuadorian film and the first international foray into cinema for the artist, also known in Argentina for being the nephew of the iconic Soda Stereo musician, Gustavo Cerati. For now, Julián is pushing the shoulder in the industry, and more than one filmmaker has proposed future collaborations to their agents, including Tondero Producciones, a Peruvian production company that has a project with the Argentine on the waiting list. “At some point, we said to put something together, but it hasn’t happened yet. I know they produce very well and are cool. I send you a huge hug”.

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Of course, “Pálpito” is so far the most successful project in which the actor has participated. As the most watched Spanish-language series in the world on Netflix in 2022, the telenovela-style drama created by Leonardo Padrón continues the story of a woman with an unexpected and illegal heart transplant. Julián Cerati becomes Tomás, a young Colombian from the street who lives an intense and dangerous love with the protagonist’s daughter, Samantha (Valeria Emiliani).

– In short, you are a young actor who is making his way in the industry.

I am 50 years old, but I always say that I am 25.

– But I mean that, being so young, you are involved in a fast, productive and critical world, especially in social networks. In addition, in “Pálpito”, your character has addiction conflicts, is lonely and is involved in crime. Does it ever challenge you to play characters like Tomás?

Tomás touched many corners of my soul in the story with Samantha (Valeria Emiliani). Something very particular happened to me in the first season of “Pálpito”, because we were recording in a pandemic. Not so much because of the health protocols, but because I was touched by many scenes of beatings: they beat me or I was hanging from something and so on. It was pretty intense. Something remains of the character. You don’t realize it, but you absorb a lot. There are other lighter characters that you can get out of faster.

Valeria Emiliani and Julián Cerati in "hunch 2".  Photo: Netflix

Valeria Emiliani and Julián Cerati in “Pálpito 2”. Photo: Netflix

/ Gustavo Cabrera/Netflix

– How was working with Valeria Emiliani in the series “Pálpito”?

With Vale, we had to meet on set and not so much before. We had had some previous rehearsals, but we couldn’t see each other much due to the COVID issue, since each rehearsal is a new protocol. When we started, portraying the character was very intense and so were all the scenes. Tomás’s darkness is felt in the series.

– How does Tomás evolve in the second season of “Pálpito”?

Without spoiling, I can say that we will see Tomás in a situation of courtship, seduction, covering everything that happens inside him —about the origin of a somewhat absent family. Perhaps not all of this is seen in the series, but the actor must always put together the story, the unconscious, and the psychological profile of the character. So, Tomás evades many things, but, in that lack and spiritual need, he connects with the story of Samantha, who has her pain and so much darkness in her life. Both are on the same energetic step. So, we see two pieces of broken souls coming together. In this second season, the relationship is a little more solid, they are already connected by being a couple that have evolved and are going against the world. This does not mean that they are not still in pieces, but that now they are two united pieces. Love transcended and they are the same cell.

– Do you think that dark characters are needed in the series?

There is so much diversity in humanity and human colors, that I don’t know if I would say necessary, it depends on what the receiver perceives. If we can visualize something that strikes a chord, for me that’s like closing a circle, because we change something in someone’s life in at least a minute.

Michel Brown and Ana Lucía Domínguez participate in the second season of "Hunch".

Michel Brown and Ana Lucía Domínguez participate in the second season of “Pálpito”.

/ Courtesy of Netflix

-And, in your life, how much darkness is there?

Especially when I sleep, a lot. I mean… with the lights off (laughs). The way I approach the characters, that’s how I feel each person’s life is. For my part, I have had a lot of pain in my life, with deaths and other processes. We come with a lot of information from ‘before’, which I always try to heal, discover, illuminate, be it with therapy, spirituality, talks, absorbing information. Sometimes, you have to heal your mental state a little to be able to alleviate the rest, because, in the end, the mind conditions us. Some motor is always used to maintain balance: there must be darkness for there to be light. This is how the human being works.

– When googling your name, many interview titles appear with the description of Julián Cerati, “Gustavo Cerati’s nephew”, a composer remembered for his time as a guitarist in the band Soda Stereo and many awards he won in life (Latin Grammy, Gardel , etc.). As you said before, this does not influence your career, as you are involved in acting and not music. But the doubt remains. What is it really like to carry the last name of a historic singer-songwriter?

Always with great admiration for his work and contribution to the family. Family art starts with my grandmother, who was a writer. Afterwards, Gustavo continued to emphasize the fact that she could make a living from this. Put the artistic state on the table, as I tell you. So, I’m grateful to him. Also, his music is obviously wonderful. I am much younger and I come from a later path than Gustavo, so many people will refer to him first, but we do different things. We both express too, but, well… I take it easy. Above all, I understand that there are adult people whose lives Gustavo changed. Later, from the speculations of what I got or my family, I don’t take care of that. Well, it wasn’t until I was 12 years old that I was ‘normal’ with him, because I only started acting at 14 and then Gustavo was in a coma and passed away. So, there was never any sort of push on that side; I had to do everything alone. But with the guarantee that in the family space for art. It’s beautiful that he was able to choose to be an artist, which is sometimes seen as a path without triumph, but that’s another topic to talk about in 16 more interviews.

– What are your aspirations as an actor?

Discover more as an actor, heal and find more corners of my life. A reference for me is Gael García Bernal. I want those kinds of challenges. You always have to find things to stay motivated. I would like to travel the world acting, explore all the possibilities. It is not an option for me to stay doing just one thing as an actor.




Cast: Vanessa Kirby, Shia LaBeouf, Sarah Snook, Ellen Burstyn, Molly Parker, Iliza Shlesinger.

“It is a wonderful movie. I’m watching movies all the time, but this one seemed very beautiful, strong and with a lot to discover from the insides”.



“Pálpito 2”: What to expect from Tomás and Samantha in the new season? Julián Cerati tells us exclusively