One of the best books of the year according to The Times, The Matrix, by Lauren Groff – The Pleasure of Reading

Considered one of the best books of the year according to The TimesLumen publishes next September 8 Matrix, the latest novel by American writer Lauren Groff. Acclaimed by critics and by Barack Obama, a National Book Award finalist for Florida and winner of the Paul Bowles, PEN/O Henry and Pushcart awards, the author recovers in this novel the enigmatic María de Francia, a fascinating and little-known character in history who has become a female icon. The book is published in Catalan by L’Altra Editorial.

«Setting a feminist story in the twelfth century is not an easy task, […] but Matrix It is an inspiring novel that demonstrates the power that women have been able to exercise. […] Masterful command of words and rhythm, […] highly addictive storytelling.

Descendant of a long dynasty of warriors and crusaders, Marie is too rough and rebellious for palace life, and ends up being expelled from court and sent to the mudflats of England to assume the role of prioress of a run-down abbey. . Upon her arrival, she finds a bleak landscape where starvation and gossip reign. Marie longs for the comfort of the French court, and also for her secret lover, Cecily. Before long, however, he will realize that his new duties give him more power than he ever imagined, access to knowledge about medicinal plants and his own wax seal for correspondence, which will allow him to correspond confidentially with whomever he wants. .

(c) Megan Brown

The author

Lauren Groff was born and raised in Cooperstown, upstate New York, and currently lives in Gainesville, Florida. She has written three novels, Templeton’s Monstersa finalist for the Orange Prize for New Writers in 2008; Arcadiapublished in 2012, was chosen best book of the year by various media, and In the hands of the furies (2016), chosen novel of the year by various media and by Barack Obama. He has also written the collection of short stories Delicate Edible BirdsY Floridahis latest and highly praised book, a National Book Award finalist and one of the Best Books of the Year according to The New Yorker Y Time Magazine. She has been the recipient of awards such as the Paul Bowles Prize, the PEN/O Henry Award, and the Pushcart Prize, and a finalist for the National Book Award, the National Book Critics Circle Award, the Kirkus Prize, and the LA Times Book Prize. Her stories have been published in The New Yorker and in five anthologies of the best American stories, and in 2017 it was chosen by great as one of the Best American Novelists.

The critic has said:

“The Medieval Nun Drama You Didn’t Know You Needed”.

“A beautifully written celebration of female desire and creativity, with a formidable heroine.”

“An unforgettable, ecstatic, resplendent, heretical book.”
USES Today

“An electric, feminist, sensual and masterly recreation of a memorable character.”
Oprah Magazine

“Groff was born to write stories and he does it masterfully.”
Elena Mendez, The voice of Galicia

“A gifted writer, capable of skillful pyrotechnics equal to the challenges she poses.”
New York Times Book Review

«The most daring work of the author: […] its sumptuous yet fresh storytelling weaves its way through a medieval abbey in search of violence, humor, empowerment and spirituality, forging something compelling, strange and recognizable to the modern eye.”
philadelphia Inquirer

“A bold and exciting piece of work that showcases Groff’s wild and boundless imagination.”
Star Tribune

“An ingenious and intelligent work that will endure.”
the Boston Globe

“A must read.”
Washington Post

“Incandescent pages. […] A brilliant work of imagination and talent.”

One of the best books of the year according to The Times, The Matrix, by Lauren Groff – The Pleasure of Reading