New Era…

New era, this is how these days they have been describing, in their self-promotions of the transmissions of the change of command in the Colombian government, social networks, television media, spokesmen for the coalition that will govern for four years, officials about to to take office and even in the editorials, balance sheet interviews, work table commentators in the news and you and I, who cannot be oblivious to what is coming, much less stop taking actions so that there are guarantees and to be able to enjoy the freedoms that identify a solid and strong democracy, like ours.

Should this ‘new era’ be translated into the essence of which it identified beliefs and practices -religious, traditions, spirituality, culture and even philosophy-? Surely it will not echo that everything must be alternative, goodwill , see, and how it should be, if in thinking and acting on the realities, that already being on the ‘national rack’ are becoming to satisfy local needs, going through requests and regional commitments and even turning them into public policies so as not to have to resort again to the ‘front lines’, so that everything has justification and doing -by pressure- the same thing that they criticize.

It is enough to see during the week when the ‘non-compliances or lies’ began, because with the flag of lowering the salary, the skillful congressmen -and their majorities- already propose that it be from 2026. We return then that “the language is the scourge…” that may be governing us, uniting, deteriorating or projecting, in that we have to go to the citizens and their values.

And so will be the disappointments, joys, celebrations and reactions that for the first hundred days of the new era (without reaching that era in geology time -for a billion years, much less the 2,160 years) so that not at the tip of headlines, trills or in the middle of the communications era, there is no way to connect with society, with the two halves into which we are -supposedly- divided, due to ‘the fault’ of certain characters who took over the media, and unfortunately of the entities and certain productive sectors, to hold their parties and even underground or outright activism.

Each of us, in their environments and spaces, have an agenda, to fulfill or enforce, and that is where the new era forces us to lay down personal interests – which are like witches… – and undertake new tactics to prioritize ourselves, so that these transformations are made within logic and common sense, but not by impositions or because they are the rants of those who always fall upwards, or are retreaded to the color -heat- of the moments that call them to be the champions of the cause that they raised in their campaigns, that they handled within the era of milestones, changes, and with languages ​​that already leave wounded, victorious, attacked, vilified and winners of supposed early victories, without having begun to govern, and with forms , funds and egos that must be tempered.

Justice and coexistence is the call that from columns, proclamations, trenches and postures lead to the timely delivery of reports, documents, expenses, truths and everything that contributes to stabilizing the era in which we will be protagonists. or singled out for not contributing to it, but that is not with a change of name to the ministries or entities, to remove or replace their sycophants or opponents for convenience, messing around with institutions under other umbrellas or polarizing to “divide and rule”, negotiating to then have another workhorse; It is not time for eras to remain in history, with hysteria.

We are prepared to assume the new era, each one, to his or her own measure, without fantasies and with realities, but not with revenge for one or a few and indoctrinating one or many. Firm steps and NOW.

* Ricardo Gabriel Cipagauta Gomez. @ricardocipago

New Era… – Ricardo Gabriel Cipagauta Gómez #Columnista7días – Boyacá 7 Días