Naren Daryanani left Colombia for love and returned for art

The remembered actor who gave life to Federico in Fathers and sons returned to the country after a stay of almost five years in Chile. The famous Federico Franco of Fathers and sons He was one of the most important leading men on television in the 90s. The character, played by actor Naren Daryanani, became one of the most endearing and beloved, being admired by thousands of teenagers. But after his time in this family series, the actor, who participated in important productions, disappeared from the screen. Today many viewers remember him and wonder what happened to this blonde whom they never saw again.

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Naren Daryanani played Federico in ´Fathers and children´

Photo: Instagram

What happened to Naren Daryanani?

Naren was away for almost five years, after traveling after a romantic relationship that ultimately did not work out. “I was in Chile for almost five years, I left for love, but things didn’t work out there,” said the actor, who decided to make up for a little time on his return to Colombian land and share with his family on a walk through the Coffee Region , since his stay in the southern country was extended due to several untimely factors. “I did not think of such a long absence, but with the pandemic I was trapped there”. At that time, the actor experienced difficult tests that he managed to overcome. “I had two herniated discs and it is incredible that Diosito has taken great care of me, because they operated on me without having health insurance”. This ailment, which accompanied him for several years, disappeared and today he is in full health.

New focus

The actor considers that his passage through the southern cone had other successes. “My stay in Chile was very positive, because I was growing spiritually and in emotional intelligence”comments the actor, who since 2020 began his process with courses and workshops that have harmonized it and have contributed to his inner growth. “I was very connected to the spiritual and, therefore, I was disconnected from the networks for almost two years”, reveals Naren, who hadn’t posted on his accounts for a long time.

Daryanani was also able to act, although he admits that not as he would have liked, since his intervention was brief. “Apart from other things, I managed to act as a foreigner in a series called ´Prisoners´. Opting for other characters was complicated, because the Chilean accent cost me. I also did commercials, but, as I tell you, I was very focused on spirituality”.

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Today Naren, who enjoys being single, says that one of his immediate plans is to return to the scene. “The last thing they saw me in was 2016 in ‘La ley del corazón’. Now that I am back, with full energy, my plans are to start again here. I am passionate about acting, I love this job and I am at a very good point in my life, of tranquility, of peace. It is to start, knock on doors, present casting. To say that I arrived”.

Naren Daryanani left Colombia for love and returned for art