Mexicans Coalt present their video “Low”

The song of the feathered serpent landed on Aztec lands to announce the arrival of a new long-awaited musical theme, a video that is very devastating, with well-grounded and deep musical textures, a musical theme that denotes a band in a process of maturation at its maximum level, in a musical theme that taken within the framework of a video called “Low” shows some members of the band Coalt with greater ease and explosiveness.

Under this scenario, last Wednesday in the facilities of the San Ángel University Center in the Auditorium, a coexistence was held with the Band coatl (Originally from Los Angeles California), the presentation of the new video of the band was officially carried out, the members of “Coatl” Alma Pérez (Vocalist) and Isra Vega (Guitarist and voice) commented for the media their happiness that as of this Friday the 21st the video is already on the platforms.

They commented that it is a pleasure to announce it two days in advance for the Mexican media.

«LOW». It is the band’s eighth video and the song is the first single from the new album which is scheduled for release in 2023.

The video was recorded and produced by Kerrigan Productions in Los Angeles California. The song was recorded in PRMTV Studio and produced by German Briseño. “LOW” It has a duration of 4 minutes and 10 seconds and as of this October 21, 2022 it will be available on all streaming platforms including Spotify, Itunes and YouTube.

“LOW” is a theme that permeates a dark environment with plots about the use of mysticism and spirituality. In the video, the central character seeks to find an answer that seems to be lost in the midst of doubts and existential questions.

The song was inspired by personal occurrences and dark environments covered in emotions that are reflected in the scenery and costumes displayed during the video.

To achieve all that ambient and illusory texture so real within the fantasy, “Coatl” had a special collaboration with “Paranormal Cirque”.

“Paranormal Cirque” is an American circus that fuses cabaret, theater and comedy with a horror theme. During the course of the video there are images of the circus show that add the participation of the band “Coatl”.

At the end of the conference we had the opportunity to chat with the members of the band who gave us a few minutes of their time and this is what happened.

How long did it take you to make Low’s video?

Soul.- Good morning, look at the video, it took us two days, the first day was dedicated to the scenes of the Circus and the second day was for the recording of the live scenes.

Who determined the name “Low”?

Soul.– We all mutually chose the name, it is a song we wanted to work on, we defined that with this song we would mark the new era of the band musically speaking.

How long did it take you to make the video?

Soul.- It was recorded in two sessions, the first part was the hours that the band recorded live and that is summarized to 5 hours.

The second part was recorded during a performance of “Paranormal Cirque” of approximately two hours.

Why did you choose a circus as the recording stage?

Soul.– Ha, ha, ha, ha, since we defined the theme, the band wanted the song to look something like Dark Cirque, with people doing shows with weird things, the idea that it was recorded in a circus was because the video has a very dark and dangerous theme, shooting it in a circus we thought we would be giving it that dark element.

It is known that “Low” is part of his new record production of 2023; How many themes will make up his new material?

Soul.- We still don’t know, we are taking one at a time, but what we do have in mind is to finish the album in 2023, but we already have a date for the next song and we are going to enter the studio to record next November 5, from that date the new theme will begin to be recorded.

Coatl is one of those bands that takes a step, but every step they take is firm in their walk, soon they will be in one of the important metal festivals called the Red Dragon whose duration will be two days November 19 and 20 in the City from Tijuana (Mexico) and it will be a real metal party.

I share the link of the song “Low”:

  • By: Raul Reyes Zuniga

Mexicans Coalt present their video “Low”