Meeting of famous Colombians in Los Angeles for Julieth Restrepo’s baby shower

As if it were a fairy tale in which the prince surprises his princess with one of the best surprises of her lifeThis was the baby shower for actress Julieth Restrepo, who recently joyfully announced her first pregnancy together with her husband, Sebastián Zuleta.

Julieth had no idea about anything, she left her house because she was going to have an appointment with her husband like the ones they have regularly to keep the flame alive, without even imagining that there were already around 50 people, including friends and relatives of the couple, waiting in one of the parks of the capital of California with a giant picnic to celebrate the arrival of the baby, who still has no name.

The actress was very surprised to have to make a stop in said park, however, everything changed when she began to see the noise of her friends in the distance, who were happy to see her arrive very surprised, between tears of happiness, to greet everyone and thank them for being there for her.

“And it was a wonderful surprise! THANK YOU my love and all our friends for celebrating our baby and planning such a beautiful baby shower! We love!!!! 💖💖💖💖”, wrote the actress in the photo album where the whole group is seen celebrating between sandwiches, champagne and many stories about motherhood.

The curious thing about this meeting is that it ended up being a meeting of almost all the famous Colombians who are based in Los Angeles. Among the group of Colombian luminaries at the baby shower was the honoree, Julieth, and there was also Juan Pablo Raba and his wife Mónica Fonseca, Juan Pablo Espinoza, Marcela Carvajal, Nicole Santamaría and the Peruvian Stephanie Cayobetween many more.

The event was also attended by many renowned personalities in the world of film production and editing, who work with SebastiánWell, he is one of the toughest in sound and has made a place for himself in the big American production companies.

It was the filmmaker and photographer Juan Carlos Gil who was in charge of capturing the best postcards of the event, where Julieth and Sebastián are seen very happy sharing with their friends, who did not hesitate to take advantage of the opportunity to approach the actress and touch her belly, which is getting bigger and bigger, since Restrepo would already be in the eighth month of pregnancy.

This meeting is one of many that famous Colombians have held on US soil, because they all support each other while opening a space in the Hollywood industry, to which more and more talent from all over the world arrives and the Colombian is no exception.

Among the celebrities who did not make it to the meeting is the presenter Claudia Bahamón, who redeemed himself through the comments on Julieth’s post with the following apology: “I didn’t make it but I sent you all my love!” Others who also commented were the actresses Natalia Reyes, Cristina Umaña, Diana Ángel, Angie Cepeda and Marcela Mar.

Julieth told the news of her pregnancy through the magazine Hello and later she did a live on her official Instagram profile, where she said that she has lived her motherhood with all the love and patience that her spirituality allows her.

During the first trimester of her pregnancy, she was able to feel all the discomforts that mothers show, such as nausea, headache and tiredness. After this stage Julieth began to enjoy her process much more and within the cravings they gave her was to eat meat againfood that she had left for 6 years, a matter that did not worry her because her daughter and she received it very well and the actress takes great care to buy it in places that are aligned with the environment.

For now, it remains to wait for the couple to announce the arrival of their baby and tell what name they chose for the baby Zuleta Restrepo.

Meeting of famous Colombians in Los Angeles for Julieth Restrepo’s baby shower